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Android studio?

I do not use windows or mac but if you buy the application software can I use for configurazioine? Thank you

The app is full of bugs, keeps going in crach, when the radio, you can not navigate, please intervene is active.


mikuder Purchased

OneSignal push notifications and RevMob ads would do app good. Hope in next version!

I see that this developer does not answer user questions. I will not buy.

interested. please share link to test apk?

Any chance of getting the demo app . I am interested after seeing the screenshots

Hello Hey your Aplication support format M3U8 (Hls Stream) ? Best Regards. I hope Your Answer.


I bought your https://codecanyon.net/item/radio-storm-multiradio-app-for-android/12836893?s_rank=22 moustly because there´s No programming skills needed But, I am trying to configure a radio station without sucess.

I am following your video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/embed/d8eLNYAoVi8, but I see that I don´t have the folder ZuluCoding.ZuluCoding.com.ZuluCoding in src/main/Java

How can I solve it? Can you help me, please?


vorovsky Purchased

i follow the guide attach links https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7hkw9enmlsadn8/station_list1.xml?dl=0 always get the error message “No Internet Connection” when click on radio button pls help me out