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Hello for when the new version will be available? I have the money ready to buy. I want app with admin panel and without api shoutcast


Hi, it will be ready 3rd week of January.


why is priced so high ?

Its almost 10 times costlier than similar apps .what options does it offer to be so much better ?

This is unique app on codecanyon that is why price is high. :)

can we monetize this app? is it an alternative to tunein? does it have web version? and when is the update coming cuz was created 18 October 16 and since then there hasn’t been an update.

Hi, can be monitized using admob. There are issues in web version, so we have stopped working on the web version. There is no update required for this app.

How will this template work given that Shoutcast is no longer issuing Developer API keys?

We have got the api key using this link. :)

How long did it take you to receive the key after you requested one?

4 days.