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Would love to have radio metadata from stream available on Apple TV.

Nice suggestion ! But Radio Play for tvOS is more a gift than something really valuable. Maybe in a pro version. Best regards,

Getting this error when starting up the app and it hangs on a black screen “ERROR: Error registering with OneSignal”

It’s because you’re using one signal. It’s strange that you have a full screen message. Normally OneSignal is not displaying things full screen unless you allow it

Can the size of the “multi-station” image boxes be edited, and if so, where would I be able to locate that. Thanks in advance

1. Wallpaper image (background) can be edited changing the size of the row 2. Station image can be changed in the main xib file

Hi, could you please update the documentation to include categories. Thanks

Hello, categories are explained in the online documentation available at http://dev.radiomyme.com ! Best regards

Thank you for your quick answer. The tutorial provided is extensive. Good Job. Regards

Hello, Do you plan to make an Android version?

We might be working on something… Stay Tuned


psigroup Purchased

i need use this stream, but not working: miradioenlaweb.com:4640, what must do??

Me da gusto de saber eso :)


psigroup Purchased

Sabes que probe de nuevo, ingles, italiano, frances, espanol mexico, espanol espana y me vuelve a decir lo mismo siempre. Es posible que el binario ya este en el algun idioma puntual y haya que poner esto en ese idioma? me puedes decis cual es en caso de que asi sea?

Es que tu tienes que ver en qué idioma hay un problema y porque. Si quieres mándame un correo electrónico con más fotos de iTunes Connect a radiomyme@live.fr

Hello, how to change the design of the list of radio stations? I want to make the height of the line small, but it does not work.

Oups, I’m really sorry for the late answer. Send us an email at radiomyme@live.fr, I’ll assist you for sure :)

Hello! How can i remove the advertising from the app? I saw the tutorial but it is paid, i need it to be free.

I need to give the application for free and without publicity. :(

Hola! como puedo retirar la publicidad de la app? Ví el tutorial pero es de pago, necesito que sea gratis.

Necesito dar gratis y sin publicidad la aplicación. :(

Te ayudo por WhatsApp. Att.

Gracias :D