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Would love to have radio metadata from stream available on Apple TV.

Nice suggestion ! But Radio Play for tvOS is more a gift than something really valuable. Maybe in a pro version. Best regards,


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Getting this error when starting up the app and it hangs on a black screen “ERROR: Error registering with OneSignal”

It’s because you’re using one signal. It’s strange that you have a full screen message. Normally OneSignal is not displaying things full screen unless you allow it


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Can the size of the “multi-station” image boxes be edited, and if so, where would I be able to locate that. Thanks in advance

1. Wallpaper image (background) can be edited changing the size of the row 2. Station image can be changed in the main xib file

Hi, could you please update the documentation to include categories. Thanks

Hello, categories are explained in the online documentation available at http://dev.radiomyme.com ! Best regards

Thank you for your quick answer. The tutorial provided is extensive. Good Job. Regards

is this app available in the app store?

Hello, Do you plan to make an Android version?

We might be working on something… Stay Tuned

i need use this stream, but not working: miradioenlaweb.com:4640, what must do??

Me da gusto de saber eso :)

Sabes que probe de nuevo, ingles, italiano, frances, espanol mexico, espanol espana y me vuelve a decir lo mismo siempre. Es posible que el binario ya este en el algun idioma puntual y haya que poner esto en ese idioma? me puedes decis cual es en caso de que asi sea?

Es que tu tienes que ver en qué idioma hay un problema y porque. Si quieres mándame un correo electrónico con más fotos de iTunes Connect a radiomyme@live.fr

Hello, how to change the design of the list of radio stations? I want to make the height of the line small, but it does not work.

Oups, I’m really sorry for the late answer. Send us an email at radiomyme@live.fr, I’ll assist you for sure :)

Hello! How can i remove the advertising from the app? I saw the tutorial but it is paid, i need it to be free.

I need to give the application for free and without publicity. :(

Hola! como puedo retirar la publicidad de la app? Ví el tutorial pero es de pago, necesito que sea gratis.

Necesito dar gratis y sin publicidad la aplicación. :(

Te ayudo por WhatsApp. Att.

Gracias :D

Hola, hablan español para el soporte. Acaba de comprar y tengo una PC, se puede editar con que programa? Gracias.

Esta App incluye Remote Control? y cual es el video exactamente que explica de como se instala remote control?

Es solamente poner la lista .plist en tu hosting y de poner el url el la app como explicado en el primer vídeo. Si tienes más dudas estamos acá :)

Tenemos muchos errores y no le entendemos en muchas cosas al tutorial,

no esta bien explicado en el video en donde tengo que poner mis urls de mi servidor, me puede indicar en que parte tengo que poner mis archivos?

import “Settings.h”

NSString *ViewDidAppear = NO; // Just to Now if the View Appeared or Not – Do NOT Change it BOOL USE_PLAYER_V2 = NO; // Do NOT change BOOL USE_m3u8 = NO; // Do NOT change BOOL M3u8_Play= NO; // Do NOT change

//-------- //-—Starting the Settings.m-- //--------

// Automatically switches between local database or remote database // If you use remote (LOCAL_ENABLED = NO), you can add the URL in Radio Play Core -> Database Files -> PlayerDB.plist

NSString *const LOCAL_ENABLED = NO; // Mark NO to use remote access

Tengo que modificar este código y en que parte pongo mis urls?

Espero su ayuda.


Holà ! Has cambiando bien la parte en Settings.m, ahorita tienes que cambiar las informaciones del Radio Play Core -> Database Files -> RadioPlaylistPro.plist y ponerla en tu servidor (donde hay las informaciones de tus radio). Después de eso tienes que poner la url acá Radio Play Core -> Database Files -> PlayerDB.plist ! Att.

The new update came with a large row cell size (about 2/3 screen of iphone 7S). This update is not convenient in the case we have multiple station. Could you provide procedure to change the CustomTableCell.xib file and if applicable other files to change. Or is there a possibility to include the old design ( CustomTableCell.xib) and new design. So this will fix the problem. At this point, I’m not able to update a radio app with 20 stations. Because, it will not comply to appsotre guidelines. Regards

We have created a tutorial for you at https://youtu.be/9f6MsTmoTGU ! We are going to add it in our online tutorial page… Thank you for your suggestion

Thank you very much. I appreciate your support and help.

Hi, can I integrate my own client’s radio stations, is it possible and what do I need from the Radio Station?

Do you guys a version for Andriod or Windows Phones?

Android yes. Visit our web site to learn more about it. Best regards

Great! Thanks for the fast response!

I want to add a slider as a volume control:

but I can not reduce or increase the volume

Hello, a volume slider is available in the app. To activate it make sure that you’ve activated it in the settings.m. We are going to make some changes in the coming update to improve the volume slider we’ve provided. Best regards


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hi i bough the template , it is great thank , but can have the option of skipping track ? or go backwards ?

Hello, thank you for your purchase. This app is not capable of doing such things for now. Best regards,

hello I have a problem: Umbrella header ‘GoogleMobileAds.h’ not found module.module.map and I also present error in: Could not build module ‘GoogleMobileAds’ PlayerViewControler.h

Hello, thank you for your purchase. First make sure that the Google Ad Framework included in your bundle. Dit you try to delete it ? Best regards,

Hello, I can modify it so that it only loads one station automatically when I open the app, since I want it only for a radio

Yes sure ! Can you send me an email (radiomyme@live.fr) or Facebook chat so we can discuss about it ?

I’ll write to you right now so I can talk, ok?

Ok no problem !

We just purchased the code. Your search box and favorites options are overlapping. When we click Cancel on search box. The app crashed too. Any solution?

Can you tell us on what OS and Xcode version you’re running the code ? Best regards,

Hello I want single radio station on Radio Play for iOS. It not work. Url http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8xxx Open app and video player full screen. No logo station.

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience but m3u8 links are only supported via the Video player. If your link is not m3u8 then you need to add it to the radio url and the m3u8. Send us an email if you’re not sure, we’ll be happy to help you (Radiomyme@live.fr)

I have sent a request 2 times via your website, but still don’t get a reply. I have spent HOURS trying to configure this app, and I have yet to get a successful build. Every time I try to do a build, I get an error about OneSignal/OneSignal.h file not found. I have spent days trying to get this app to build for our internet radio station. I’m at a loss and need help.

Hello, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. A quick reminder, you have our email and Facebook links directly in the bundle to contact us :) Send is an email (radiomyme@live.fr) so I can help you configuring the app !