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Ansolon Purchased

1) Does it support iPV 6 Compatibility for WiFI And Cellular Both Networks ? 2) Does this work on 4G LTE Network also ?*

It’s working with any type of Wifi or Cellular Network, it’s just need a working internet connection. It can handle Wifi <-> Cellular changement automatically.

same problem ansolon

“Does it support iPV 6 Compatibility for WiFI And Cellular Both Networks ? 2) Does this work on 4G LTE Network also ?*”

Ok i will send this answer

Thanks approved now

Thank you for your feedback ! :)


basen82 Purchased

Hi i have an question before i order this, dose it collect album arts automatic from example last.fm or spotify or something like that ?

From Last.fm ! Best

How to remove the other stations so that there is only one.

Normally the last update has fixed this bug. But if not, I will figure it out with you

Can you send me the last update so I can check before I ask you for help.

The last update is already online. The next one will be soon available. Send us an Email via radiomyme@live.fr

Please email me the instructions. charles@boldisp.com


xejay Purchased

Hello, how are you? Can you help me get this radio stations list layout? Example: https://s29.postimg.org/7l8ul6ryv/Example.jpg


xejay Purchased

One question, on all station i can’t get album cover, the name of song is displayed but I always get: LAST.FM Returned No Album Art. Setting Default Album Art

Will be fixed in 2.0 pending for review


xejay Purchased

Ok i am waiting for update :) Thanks.

Hi, does your radio app support categories, search function and m3u8?

Busy times for us. So for now, no…

3.0 will introduce a new things, but not m3u8 o search

Hello, great app, 1-does it support categories? 2-Where do i put the stations urls? is it on a local file? 3- How many stations can I add inside the app?


1. No 2. You have two possibilities: Remote or Local 3. As many as you want

Thank you, one more question, can I add multiple ViewControllers and each one reads a different list of stations (trying to implement something like categories) ?

Sorry for the delay. Mmh I think is more easy to make categories inside the audioplaylistpro.plist and read one or an other. But this app wasn’t designed for categories at the beginning

Hi just some question before buy your app: 1.) Is easy to disable all kind of ads, Im looking for a ads-free app 2.) Works fine with just 01 single station?

Thanks in advance

Ok send us an email at radiomyme@live.fr, I will send you the version for 7.x

Thanks for your reply. Email sent from support at tribalhost.net

Hello! I like your app and i want to buy it, but i have some questions: 1.Is is possible to change the station logo, stream url, facebook url and tweeter url from an external XML? For exemple, if i want to change my station stream url, to change it from an xml stored on my website…not to make a update for the app! 2. Where can i find your app to test it on my phone?

i don’t think so…. can you put another station in the app for test …let’s say for 3 minutes? http://oldies.radiopopular.ro:8008/ ?

ok then…i will buy it and i will test it. I just hope it’s not a problem with ip v6

I hope you tested, and you saw that everything is working fine. At any moment, feel free to send us an email at radiomyme@live.fr

hi nice update on 2.1, unfortunately there is bugs after purchase/restore ads, the player stops playing on iphone and the restore button is not working on ipad.

Hi ! Thank you for your report. Well we are working with some users while updating because we know that we can affect thousands of users. We changed the fonctionnement of In App Purchase as you can see, we are going to look into it

send us an email at radiomyme@live.fr to review the new version

Hi, i have added only one radio station in the plist file, but when the app starts up it show the radio station list, is there somehow i can change so the player starts up with the radiostation ? I have the latest version of your app. My email is basenmobil82@gmail.com

Best regards Andreas

Sent ! Best regards


I love the app but I’m having a problem. I have disabled Local Mode and placed my .plist on my server. The app picks up the stations from it perfectly, however if I add a new station and then press the update station list that station isn’t added, even though the debugger states that it has found and updated file the changes aren’t made in the app.

However if I remove the app from my iPhone and do a clean build, the app will pick up the new information from the plist when it loads. It seems as if the plist is being cached and not overwritten by the new version on the server. Do you have a suggested fix?

Thank you for your report. We are going to look into it. Best regards,

Thank you, a lot of the stations I want to display, switch servers quite a lot and I want to be able to keep the URL’s up to date as much as possible.

Hello, the next update (in review) will fix this problem

Hi again, I’ve come across another issue. If I enable Google Ads, I receive a “no ads to show” error. This is normal I understand if there aren’t any ads available in the area to serve, but this stops radio playback, the station won’t load if an ad is not found.

Good point ! We didn’t think of that issue. Next update will fix it

I managed to get Google Ads working even with tracking enabled, I think it was just taking a while for my AdMob account to sync. However when testing the in-app purchase with a test account on my device, the adds disappear but the stations fail to load. If I sign out and the adverts come back then the stations work again. There’s definitely something in the Admob SDK that is interfering with audio playback.

Google (AdMob) asked us to load the stream after the interstitial. So we ask to play when the ad as been closed. We are going to fix the problem with “no ads available”. When the ads have been removed, yes the player may not start automatically (it’s going to be fixed in the next one). I can send you the part of the code if you want. Email me at radiomyme@live.fr

Loving the update, especially the TVOS support. If I could make one small request for the next update and that’s the social network buttons plus the volume slider are slightly too far to the right in the player view. Also if you make a radio station name too long, it’s very close to the right edge of the screen but there seems to be plenty of space on the left. It seems as if everything in the app is not quite centred.

We are aware of some problems with the UI. Unfortunately we don’t have all the devices, so we can’t test the volume slider for every devices. But we will be happy to work with you to fix that one for all. Can you send us screenshots and device name please ?


amator Purchased

When m3u8 support will be done? Any ETA?

Hello, we are still working on it. The Player V2, included in the 3.0, is here for that. But he is not finished yet and the m3u8 is not working with it.


dabon Purchased

Hi, would it be possible for me to add a set of norwegian radio stations and publish it? And would the users that download this app get the stations I put in? Or can each user choose their own stations?

Send us an email at radiomyme@live.fr with the full project for Xcode (only the Radio Play for iOS folder)


dabon Purchased

Figured it out, the remote control setting should me marked as YES.

Yes sorry, I told you the contrary… Happy that you figured it out. Sorry for the delay


edwsis Purchased

Hello!, I like your app and i want to buy it, but i have a question: The app, is it connected via bluetooth in my car?

Yes you can use Bluetooth with this app for headphones, speakers or cars.


dabon Purchased

Hi again, does the in-app purchase work to remove adds?

Yes, if in-app purchase is made, then the ads are removed

Hi, i have added only one radio station in the plist file, but when the app starts up it show the radio station list, is there somehow i can change so the player starts up with the radio station? I have the latest version of your app. My email is charles@boldisp.com

Sorry it’s in Level1controller.m

For the volume slider, I will send you the next beta later this week

Is there a way to pull the album art from the stream instead of Last.fm?

For now, no