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please check is work with this link:

Purchase item, It’ll work

‘GoogleMobileAds/GoogleMobileAds.h’ file not found


here is the steps 1. Copy Googlead framework from project to other place(Desktop) 2. Remove framework from project 3. Again add framework to project. Thats it, If its not solve your problem contact via email from profile page.

I can use my radio?

Yes but if you can send your live radio URL then I can check and let you know

Does it supports all types of radio format like mms and rtmp? Thanks.

All major it can support then also If you can send me URL I can test and let you know.

yes, it’s working fine

i dont have MAC

I can help you in that case contact from main profile page and send message from there “email appzforest”

presale question. can i disable the ads from google, i see in the top the ads. Thanks.

You can add comment for remove it and delete framework.

ipv6 supported?

It’ll work on url does not matter ip

appzforest the thing is itunes no more accept apps thats are not working on ipv6 wifi network; i want to ask that application itself can work ipv6 or not

application does not decide ip its from yours url from where you call, if you can provide me an your radio url I can test in iOS 10 and let you know as simple as that

Lacking the volume controls

You have to make changes in it because it’s require to update with iOS 10 we have not yet update with it


How many stations can we add?

one station can play

Is this now working with Xcode 8 and IOS 10? Looking to purchase.

Where do you ad your stream to the app. There is nothing in the instructions that mention where.

Let me know whats the issue also contact from message so I can help and resolve quickly

Does it support IOS 10?