Discussion on Radio Mini - Modern iOS Radio Application

Discussion on Radio Mini - Modern iOS Radio Application

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Hi, app is working? I need for one client but not viewing updating in 2 years

Money down the drain.

I don’t see the “Purchased” bags with your Codecanyon name. So, how could you run the app without the purchase?

The program runs on old xcode software and it is not possible to find outdated software to compile the application. It will never work for you with adequate new software, I could not find a specialist who could run this old stuff, besides, apple also does not like the application on the old software.


The app runs absolutely well with the latest Xcode version and it was made with Swift 5.

Also, I don’t see the “Purchased” bags with your Codecanyon name. So, how could you run the app without the purchase?

Finally, the project is not old and you don’t need any specialist to run it:)

Thank you!

bluetooth does not work, we have done tests with several devices and they do not work

Hello! Could you please me explain how do you connect the app to the bluetooth device?

how to add music url?

Please check the documentation properly, especially the Firebase part.

Does this app have meta data such as album cover, song title?


No, in this current version the app does not have the metadata features.

Thank you!

can you tell me how to send push notifications? project is running. but can’t send push notifications. also, tell me how to disable ads.


As it is noted in the project description: User Notifications (push notification can be added on request)

Please email me on: and we will discuss your request.

Thank you!

Please this is the third time am trying to upload this app to Apple Store and apple is rejecting the app. What is with this app that you are not telling us. Kindly show us a sample of the app on ios app store because I can not upload this app to the app store.

And then why mine was rejected. I didn’t change anything from inside. Only logo and name and app ID. If you can get me someone who can upload the app for me on their developer account. I will be very grateful. Sorry I over react.

Whats is your rejection reason? You did not specify why Apple rejects your app.

I will send it to you via email is a moment.

This app works with the audio on background while using other app?

Hello! I want to know how to add a banner ads and show an interstitial in the first time users touch the play button!

Hello! I will send you the project with banner ads by tomorrow morning.

Hi bro, banner ads is not showing! pl take a look.

Check email – I sent the project:)

Have you currently uploaded this radio app? since apple is currently asking for a copyright license for the radio, you haven’t given him that problem?


No, I haven’t uploaded this app on AppStore. Yes, you need to provide some evidences that you are able to use the stream.

Thank you!

Can I also have ‘on-demand’ shows aside from just a live stream?

Hello can it have a blog system to post news as well?


The project is scaleable. So, yes it can have that feature :)


so how do we begin talks on that? I’ll like both the Android and iOS

I have some qustions:

1. Single Radio or you can add more than 1 station?

2. Interstitial and Banner Ads or just Interstitial?

3. Media controls: Rewind/Fast Forward Control (Podcast)


1. This is single radio app. However, if you have enough experience you can modify the project as you like.

2. To save the UI experience I have implemented only interstitial ads. However, if you have enough experience you can add the banner.

3. The app has: play/pause, AirPlay cast, background mode. Since this is the live stream app – there is no point to implement rewind and fast forward controls.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick respond.

Does it support iOS 13 SDK? Because apple does not accept apps that made with lower than iOS 13 SDK


Yes, it supports iOS 13.

Do you use an administration panel? I would like to be able to change the streaming and social networks of an external server.


Yes, the project is using the Firebase admin panel.

Thank you!

Looking forward for the Android version and got a question:

How ofter the admob displays? Is it in seconds?

Have you changed AdMob App ID in the info.plist file? Also, make sure that you place correct ID.

Does it show the test ads with my IDs?

Sorry for the late reply, all good now. Had a really small typo.

As soon as the Android version is available I will buy both. Thanks in advance for your attention.


Great – it is almost done :)

Thank you!

Hi, I’m waiting for the Android version. let me know when you’re ready, please.

Where is the file radio-mini-export.json

Where do I put the Admob Banner code?


Please email me on and I will send you the json file.

Hello, I have some questions about the application. 1 – I have my own online radio, can I put it in this application? 2 – Are you planning to create the Android application?

I liked your app, congratulations on the beautiful work.


Yes, you can put your own radio stream. Android version will be released this week:)

Thank you!

Will I receive the source code when purchasing?

Yes – you will get the complete source code with the detailed documentation:)


1. do you have autoplay?

2. supports .aac or .mp3?

3. icecast o shoutcast ?


1. This feature can be easily implemented 2. Yes, it supports these formats 3. The project can use both of them

Thank you!


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