Radio Lite iOS - Single Radio Streaming App

Radio Lite iOS - Single Radio Streaming App

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Radio lite is a fully customizable radio application that allows you to stream audio content on ios mobile devices at anywhere and anytime! It helps you to create an iOS application for your own radio station and thus saves you a lot of time and money. This application was developed with Xcode 8 IDE and Xcode 8 tools in such a way as to allow you to fully customize it to your own taste / rebrand it for whatever purposes you’d like to use it for. It comes pre built with all basic mobile radio features like background play, notification bar controls, volume control, social sharing and accepts many streaming formats including MP4, MP3, WebM, M4A, MPEG-TS and AAC.


  • Full Native iOS Application
  • Supports 10.0 & Up
  • Full Customization of App Name, Logo, Splash Screen, Icon and Notification Banner
  • Play/Stop Live Radio Stream for Single Station
  • Notification Bar with Play, Pause button
  • Supports background play
  • Supports interruptions
  • Background Service/Playback
  • Display Current Program, Next Program and Timings
  • Option To Show Weekly Schedule Of The Radio From API or JSON File
  • Option To Show Upcoming Programs Of The Day
  • Add Weekly Reminder Option From The Schedule
  • Social Sharing(Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail)
  • Website page with WebView
  • Review The App In AppStore Feature
  • Sleep Timer Feature
  • Easy volume control
  • Support: MP4, MP3, WebM, M4A, MPEG-TS and AAC
  • High quality user interface
  • Check Network Availability.
  • Easy customization
  • Well Documentation

Wish To Customize

Customization Features

  • AdMob Feature
  • Recording
  • Supports Multiple Stations
  • Google Analytics
  • Favorite Mode.

for customization, please contact us at

Change Log
** Version 2.2
1. Xcode 12.4 support.

** Version 2.0
1. Upcoming Shows bug fix.

** Version 1.9
1. Replaced web view with wkwebview.

** Version 1.8
1. Resolved Share button crash in iOS 13.

** Version 1.6
1. Document Updation

** Version 1.0
1. Initial Build