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I would like to put an XML with the radios list internally in the assets folder, could you explain me how to do this

Hi, will let you know on Monday.

Hello, I want to have an Admin Panel.How much can you do?

Replied you on skype.

Any chance an iphone version will come out ?

Very soon.

How to add seekbar volume bellow “play” button ?

For any customisation email to support@desk87.com

Hello how to recover the events of the player (example play, pause, stop, error) ? Thank

In the code how can I do to get the player status?


We do not understand what you are trying to do.

Hello,I want to know why this app don’t show the Album name and Artist name on real device ?

It does show but if you are using m3u8 links, it won;t show up. :)

Will there be an optimization under 7 and there are notifications?

What new in update?

Fast play and Android Studio 3+ support. APK is not updated yet in the description.

What you mean fast play?

Before for m3u8 links, it was not playing quicker.

Hi, this link worked in your app, if so, to buy it now!!!


Checked on this link? https://www.hlsplayer.net/

yes.. works well with that player

I just sent you an email. I would like a personalized work so that before showing a radio an intestitial ad

Okay sure, let us reply you back in a short while.

After update is bug. Now when you have incoming call ,the radio is not silenced for the duration of the conversation. Please fix.

I use Samsung Galaxy Note8 with Android version 7.1.1. When i running this app, then open another application like facebook, whatsapp or another apps, a few seconds later streaming off.

Please update your code to android 7.1.1

Thank you


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Hi, Please check your email. Thank you


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