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hi purchased this a while back quick question where u got the fb twitter links button if i wanted to add more than one button say another 2 buttons for website and somethign else for example can that be easily done? if so can you show quickly how to?

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Can u add support for system (push, analytics)? :)

Why not support? I will not implement this? Cool, I already done that in my app. But with push system your app will be more attractive for others ;-) your choice

hello how are u? i iready download the update for ios 7 the problem is that the audio sesssion proterty, inicializate and active is deprecated, i dont know if i did’t download the correct update, thanks u

I purchased this in 2013.. and today I installed latest Xcode version.. I opened the project and wanted to test/run it.. it fails… stimulator problem.. does this work with new Xcode or needs some sort of update?

Xcode 5.1.1 vs Xcode 6.0

how to add new button next to fb and twit.. ? tried not working it only open twitter…


Can you update streamer to lastet version? Or tell how improve audio quality. When I play stream thru Safari audio is mutch better than app. Also in others apps like TuneIn Radio audio is mutch better

AAC stream?

Yes, AAC. I open the same stream url in Safari on iOS and FreeStreamer ( and audio quality is mutch better. Thanks you for help

Hi. Any feedback? I can pay for update. Are u interested?

Next version ios8 – ios9-swift2 ( september 18)

Any updates on new version?

nice, looking forward :) thank you

Any progress?

Coming soon – app is currently under testing

I want to buy this app but I see the last time it was updated was in 2013, when being updated to make the purchase

Coming soon new swift radio app (one week)

OK just this new . you can tell me

Hi, the app was working ok so far but now, when a radio station shows the album photo cover it doesn’t appear, also if you try to see it bigger the app crashes, probably since apple upgraded the Xcode or with the new iOS, is it possible to fix this, any idea? thank you

you mean that you will upload here an update to fix that issue? Looking fwd to the update as I have this app running at the store and I’m having bad feedback because it doesn’t show anymore the album cover as promised, when the app was working ok it was absolutely fantastic, so it will be awesome to have it fully working again, thank you so much for your reply and support will recommend it again to my friends for sure as soon as is updated, cheers.

THANK YOU so much for the update, it works awesome and now the app is back to it’s glory !!! will recommend again to my colleagues.

all the best !!! *

woow thanks for the update

I’m new in IOS. I wonder if you can make a swift version of this code? Otherwise I cannot use this.


Radio App 2 (Swift 2)

hi sir, there is interstitial ads ?? and how many time they appear ?? thank you.

No ads support

hi sir, there is interstitial ads ?? and how many time they appear ?? thank you.

Not support ads

How to configure for 0nly one radio station and add more social networks buttons. Thanks.

I can use my radio?