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Hello friend. I need play live stream

it’s possible?

Do you include PSD ’s if there are any? :) About to BUY !

The psd for the app icon is included ;)

Hi Just Purchased this Great App but have 7 issues and No Volume Controller on Screen? Regards

Thats because you are running the application on the iOS simulator. When u are running on a real iDevice the volume slider will appear :) The yellow issues are all harmless…

How can I make the Stream pause if YouTube play’s?

Also with iPhone 5 the Play button moves out of line with the Volume and loading indicator.

I pre-ordered the iPhone 5, but Apple has some shipping problems in Germany. I´ll bring out a new update when I can test it myself. There will be a completely new application very soon too… :)

Hello, when will the iPhone 5 update be available for sale?


I preordered an iPhone 5, but Apple has some shipping problems to Germany. I don´t want to release an new version, before testing it myself on the new iPhone.


Hey, I’m thinking to buy this for my radio, how easy are they to customize due to me running only windows? also im using shoutcast this is no issue right?

Shoutcast is perfect, but you can´t customize this application with windows.

If you want I can make the customization (+ Upload) for you. You can contact me here :)

Can this be customized to remove tab and add a tab with html?

I think its a bit hard for an amateur to change the UX. If you want you can contact me here to talk about this customization ;)

Do you have any plans to create an Android version?

No sorry, because I´m not an Android developer… :/

I’d love to hear about iOS6 and iPhone 5 updates…. I’ll even help you get a iPhone 5 if I need to!

How can you help me to get an iPhone 5?

Well I am in the USA I can buy one here and ship it to you as long as you need a version sold in the USA .

Application is in development… (with iPhone 5 ;) )

Any plans to integrate a landscape view and an iPad version?

Hello. I need play rtmp://,novainga

You help-me?

I see error in open project new…

clang: error: unable to execute command: Segmentation fault: 11 clang: error: linker command failed due to signal (use -v to see invocation)

Please help!!!

Which version of xcode are u using? Please contact me here

Update Soon?

Hi i dont have MAC and i need to make this work may you please give me a hand , i allready send you an email on both email adresses , please help me with this lil problem

This its taking a long time may you please help me , i allready contact you by email as well .

any plan supporting for ios6 & iPhone5? im gonna purchase it if you will

I already updated to iOS 6 and iPhone 5 and I added the code to change the appearance of the nav and tab bar email me

And also added admob too :-)