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Streaming do not resume after incoming call, App do not switch quality depending to internet channel speed. Are there any way to create quality switcher?

I duplicate my mail to support, i think it will be better for all :)

1) Today i test it in 3G then drive my car, if connection lost app do not restore connection. How to improve it? Maybe you have script to auto reconnect every 2-4 second after loosing connection?

2) How to move play pause button to center and make it much bigger? I have moved button which activate play/pause but can’t find how to move animation and make it bigger. In the bottom i want to leave only volume control.

3) How to delete youtube bottom from the bar?

4) How create offline html page instead of online, i have do apps with phonegap in HTML5 and i want to make some fun animation pages inside app in offline mode.

Thank you :)

Dear 3elen

Sorry, there´s no way to change the quality, because not every stream support this. 1) I´m working on a improved update, which supports this… 2) This is a template and it´s not made for “special wishes” like this. When you want we can talk about a freelance project per mail 3+4) see point 2

Hi BlackDrop, great product, well documented code – gave me a good headstart into my project.

I could get the app to resume after an interruption through an incoming call by implementing the respective parts from another product here on code canyon:

A bigger problem was the player not reconnecting after a low buffer situation e.g. when switching from wifi to 3G or when switching to airplane mode and back. Most of the time you had to kill the app to get it going again which was a no go for me. I solved this in a way which should be OK for most users: I placed a reload button next to the volume-bar which forces a reconnect when the buffering hangs/fails. At the same time it checks the connection type and switches to a lower-quality-stream if on 3G.

So my app’s ready for app store submission, hope it works out fine. If you will fix those bugs for other users it would be great. Keep up the good work. :)

Best regards from Munich,


Hi Raphael,

kannst du mir bitte deine Version des Radio Apps an senden?

Ebenfalls Grüße aus München, BlackDrop

Hi, Is possible to get the name of the song / program on the home screen? My server sends the names. Works on ipad/iphone? The list of radios can be update via web? thanks, regards

Can and does this work on an Ipad ?

Yes, but it will be no fullscreen.

can i get the song info name when the user is listening

When will you have Android app ? :) cant wait

Sorry for my late reply…
I can’t make this for android, because I’m only an iOS and Web developer :(

Can you add icon to call to station and text to station? Thank you

Sorry for my late reply…
Yes, I could make that for you :)
Please contact me here

Hi I have some questions regarding the app: 1. Could it easily work with multiple stations 2. Could the Facebook links change based upon different stations being selected? 3. Is all the code open? Thanks Andrew

Sorry for my late reply…
1+2: No, but I could make that as a freelance project for you :) 3: Yes
For freelance please contact me here

BlackDrop I buy this app but this app have a problem some times disconect and not back the streaming

I cannot see that you bought it.

wey buy this app with the account norsandev

My app in the AppStore, Reviewed – ok

With which name did you upload it?

Ai Podcast in AppStore, i need funcution to reconnect when connection lost, also function to change quality (i have 3 links to stream with different quality). Trying to add 2 additional buttons, but do not have success.

Also will be cool to add controls from Native iPod buttons. Now working with chat in webUI.

Helloy! It works on iOS 4?

I don´t think so.

hello im jobrydesigns i buy this app the problem is to change wifi to 3G the app Stop and never back the streaming

I’m working on a Update…

Greetings, Lorenz Wöhr

Hello When can I accept updates that I requested and paid for ?

Thank you

Please Update!!!!

I fixed this by adding the following lines of code:

Add this line whenever your app start playing audio.[[UIApplication sharedApplication] beginReceivingRemoteControlEvents];

And on the endInterruption method, wait 1 or 2 seconds before resume playing the audio. This to allow the OS to stop using the audio channel.

- (void)endInterruptionWithFlags:(NSUInteger)flags { // Validate if there are flags available. if (flags) { // Validate if the audio session is active and immediately ready to be used. if (AVAudioSessionInterruptionFlags_ShouldResume) { dispatch_after(dispatch_time(DISPATCH_TIME_NOW, 1 * NSEC _PER_SEC), dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{ // Resume playing the audio. }); } } }

You can also add this line when your app stops (not pause) playing audio. But is not required. [[UIApplication sharedApplication] beginReceivingRemoteControlEvents];

Any word on update you mentioned? Loving the App, be good to get update to fix small issues.


Hello, Does this App auto resume on interruption? ex: call comes in and after call is finished radio resumes?

I have the same question audev14

Disappointing no support here or from the support email address?

Simply write me your question to or . I answer all mails within 48h.

This is great. Would it be possible to play a series of local MP3 files instead of grabbing an online stream?

I purchased this item and I’m happy with it so far. When I ran the app, I’m getting 8 to 10 issues ranging from Reachability.m, YouTubeViewController.m, FacebookViewController.m, TwitterViewController.m to Uncategorized invalid character. Please help.