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Wow, another quick reply. Yes its running on my iPhoen4 os5.1 does the same on the built in sim tho. I assume that it should work using 3g and not just wifi?

Thanks again for your help!

I´m really sorry and I´ll upload a update 1-3 days, ok? Yes, its working on 3g and wifi. What´s your email?

email sent to you… thanks

Instead of streaming, is it possible to include a bundle of .mp3’s with the application and have it play those instead? Cycle through the songs etc? The reason I ask is that I am writing an app for a band that doesn’t really care to stream, and they are ok with bundling the .mp3’s within the app as long as the app is the only thing that can play the songs for their fans… Make sense?

With this application you can only stream mp3, but I can make this for you as freelance work. Please contact me here

I should learn to RTFM :)

I would buy this if it has track info and artist name. Please update. Is this program different from the other iRadio app?

I’m new here.

Do you offer all the source code, or part of the code?


I offer the complete source code. (Please look at the screenshots)

I host about 100 MP3 ’s on a web server. Would it be possible to create a playlist from those MP3 ’s and let the user stream them? How does the app show the file names? Or is there a way to specify track titles somewhere in the code? Thanks.

Sorry, but with this app you can´t create a playlist and there´s no way to specify track titles.

I’m sorry if I sound like a boob but… what license do I need to customize this app for resale to clients? I really don’t understand the licensing language.

That is to say, If I incorporate all custom links and artwork for a client can I sell this app to the client and repeat the procedure for others?

Please contact me

Thanks, I have used the email address for support ( Awaiting your reply.

The question is “what license do I need to customize this app for resale to clients?”

This is a direct quote from Code Canyon re the REGULAR LICENSE : The regular license allows you to use an item within a project of your own or on behalf of a client. For example, you could use an item purchased under a regular license in a website, a presentation, a promotional video, a poster or a free game. For web content a regular license is suitable for use on a single domain or single subdomain or single directory. For most buyers the regular license is sufficient.

The main thing you cannot do is offer the item up for resale either on its own or as part of a project. So you can use the item in a free game, but not in a game that is on sale. You can use the item in a website, but not in a web template that you sell.

I understand this as “you can use the item in a free app, but not in an app that is on sale.

“Free” is not the same as “on sale.”


When you buy the Regular License or the Extended License you are not allowed to resale it. With the Extended License you can give it to 4 other people and they can all upload it to the App Store. The Regular License is a single licence, so only the buyer is allowed to upload it on the App Store. I hope that helps you.

Unfortunately I don’t understand. I can not find any documentation to support your understanding of licensing. The best I can come up with is “you can use the item in a free app, but not in an app that is on sale.”

Based on Code Canyon text.

To be clear: YOUR CODE is NOT what would be offered in any of these scenarios. We are talking about an app constructed WITH YOUR CODE compiled in the finished app. Your CODE would not leave my possession as the licensee EVER .

That said; this license DOES NOT allow for sale of any app with your code IN IT AT ALL . But it does not forbid giving the FINISHED and COMPILED app away for free… as I understand it.

Will it keep playing the radio stream in the background

will it resume streaming after incoming call?

Greetings! Thank you for an awesome app. It’s been great fun to work with.

Quick question:

I am noticing some ‘Semantic’ issues being identified by xCode 4.3 when compiling the app. And there appears to be a possible memory leak in the Reachability.m file. I sent an email to on 4/6 with more details.

Question is, will either of these issues prevent app store approval? If you have a moment will you look at my project file and see if you see the same thing?

Once again. Awesome app! Thank you!

I resent the invite to the folder to Is that the correct address? Or would you prefer another?

Thanks for the reply!

Greetings Friend. Saw that you joined the folder. Have you had an opportunity to review the questions?

Greetings Friend. Saw that you joined the folder. Have you had an opportunity to review the questions?

would I be able to add a stream from

Yes, of course! I tested it and it works. When you need help to configure it I can help you :)

The Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages are very simply UIWebViews…. thats it… So would I be able to pay you less than $12 and just get the radio part of this app??? Because UIWebViews take less than a few minutes to set up in Xcode.

Can this app stream from a Tumblr profile like exfm, or can it stream from a exfm profile?

Would it be possibile to create custom design for the tabs and the top bar, I mean to create custom retina ready images for them?

Also is it possible to use a full background instead of a squared image while the radio stream is playing?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my really really late reply. Yes, it´s possible, but I think it´ll be hard for you to customize the TabBar and the Navigation Bar. I could make that for you. If you want, contact me here ;)

Submit app to Appstore review, will report about their decision.

designroom background editable, all icons editable. BlackDrop support do not answer email.

I answer all emails

search plse my mail from zelenpro (at)

Does this resume streaming after an incoming call?

Yes I think so, but I´m not sure

Thanks for the quick response. How can we implement a “stop” button next to pause? That might be useful, too.