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Hi, i have a online webradio (streaming live in) so with this i can edit with my streaming information and people can access on iphone and listen my radio? right?

of course!

Do we need a mac and xcode to edit the files ?

Sorry I don´t know why your comment has been reported after I read it :/ You need Xcode (mac) to customize the “About us” page (interface), but to customize/configure everything else you don´t need a mac.

Not sure why it was reported either was just a regular question ??

Hi, nice work. Congratulations. Is it possible to add shoutcast track, artist name?

Thanks. Cheers.

No sorry. But maybe I´ll make an update :)

I have to show shoutcast track, artist name and artist picture. I’ll be happy if you’ll make an update.

Thanks. Cheers :)

@mikeu Sorry I don´t know why your comment has been reported after I read it :/ You need Xcode (mac) to customize the “About us” page (interface), but to customize/configure everything else you don´t need a mac.

Hello, I do not have a mac computer… can i still publish on Apple store?


No, but maybe you can borrow your friend´s mac. (You need a mac to customize the “About us” page. Everything else you can customize/configurare without mac)

Does this play just one stream or can the user chose their own? I want to include about 10 stations – is that possible? Thanks.

No, sorry. You can only include on station.

For Android, will there be?

No, sorry

Can’t understand the aim of the integration of YouTube, Facebook & Twitter… Is there a reason anyway?

did you recieve my email?

What´s your email?

in the menu tabs i can’t see the last picture you added: About Us on the screenshots. Where the user will find the about us option, if is not in the menu tabs?

You have to click on the info button (top right) in the “Radio” tab.

ah ok, sorry lol. Ipad version, is comming?

can i use icecast?

Hey, thanks!!!

please put out update with track info!!! :)

This doesn’t work with any streaming urls, so it may give some errors.

cool ty very mutch for fast replies.

no problem :)

After customizing the social URLs, there is a small bug. When I first run the app on my test device and go to the Twitter tab, a pop up alert says “No Internet Connection.” but hitting ok then brings up the Twitter page.

Any thoughts?

Ok, I don´t have this error on my iPhone, but I´ll try it again. Do you have tried to run this app on a iPod or iPhone and not on the iOS simulator?

What´s your email address?

I am having the issue in the simulator and after installing the app on the phone.

please email me at:

Do you intend to release a multiple streaming station version?

Yes, but I’m not sure.

Hi, would it be easy to remove the you tube and replace with a website, so it would be radio, twitter, www, facebook?

Yes, thats really easy. When you don´t know how, send me the file after you´ve bought it. Please include the name of the tab and the link to the website and I´ll send it back to you :)

Hello BlackDrop,

I want to buy your app but i want to know if you can help me with this:

I have company’s that will advertise on my radio can you place this on the homepage but it must be updated from my own pc.

Kind Regards, Mocro

BlackDrop, thank you for your qucik reply.

I have purchased this and have made updates using the documentation provided. I have it working on my iPhone4 os5.1

I can only get the stream to work when on wifi, i assumed that it would work on both wifi and 3g?

It also asks me to check my Internet Connection when selecting twitter or facebook but when the error is acknowledged it shows the desired twitter / fb page anyway.

Last but least im sure, which file do I use to alter the order of the icons so the order is www,facbook,twitter,radio ?

Your thoughts please.

To customize the order of the tabs go to MainStoryboard.storyboard in Xcode and drag the tabs in your order. Do you’ve tried this on a real iPhone or on the iOS simulator? This could be the problem of the “Check internet connection” bug.