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update it to ios 9.x plz

Getting several error like “Too many arguments to function call, expected 0, have 6”

Hello I need help, I purchased this code but I am not a programmer I don’t know how to add my streaming url for my radio station, can I pay for customization and publishing, I will be grateful

I can use my radio?

Does it supports all types of radio format like mms and rtmp? Thanks.

hello, e need the update for Xcode 8 for iOS 10, i’ts possible ?

I opened a complaint on Envato against the developer. Since version 9 of the iOS app does not work and he continues to sell his app here.

I will ask for my money back and ask you to take this Envato air application, because it is cheating users of Envato.

I’m trying to ask for my money back the Envato and he refused to give me back the money.

Here in the comments he did not answer anyone, but answered in less than 24 hours it on the Envato contest site.

This was my response to the team Envato:

Lie it, read messages from users, a long time he did not answer anyone.

But when we asked for the return he appears out of nowhere?

Review the case properly, we are in the version of iOS 10.0 and it still selling this app but does not work in version 10.0 of the IOS.

This is deceiving customers Envato for who buy do not know this information.

And what is the moral he has to say something now? La in the Envato site it does not respond and has in return he respond?

Please return my money or expel this seller Envado why what he is doing is dishonest.

If you configured Reachability.h/.m and ReachabilityRadioKit.h/.m classes for iPV-6 Network. Please share with us. or If you have updated source then share the source.

P.S : According to apple new guidelines our Apps must be compatible with iPV-6 Network, otherwise it will be rejected by Apple.

Hi guys, i just wanted to release the App in the Appstore but Apple refused the app because of screenshots with album covers, so please tell me how to solve the issue:

Your app includes protected album cover artworks in app icons, screenshots or previews without the necessary authorization.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference.

Pursuant to your agreement with Apple, you represent and warrant that your application does not infringe upon the rights of another party, and that you are responsible for any liability to Apple because of a claim that your application infringes another party’s rights. Moreover, we may reject or remove your application for any reason, at our sole discretion.

Next Steps

Please provide documentary evidence of rights to use this content. Once Legal has reviewed your documentation and confirms its validity, we will proceed with the review of your app.

Alternatively, please remove all protected third-party album cover artwork from your app icons, screenshots and previews.


@zir0w You should remove all protected third-party album cover artwork of your screenshots for the iTunes connect. I had the same problem. Btw the app does not works so fine with iOS 10. The tableview is not scrolling. And the refresh of the stations does not work so good. Refresh is not iOS 10 problem.

iOS 10 or 9 update? are you planning for it?

Thanks a lot for the project! I purchased it already and have one question: Where do I find the streaming URLs for the different radio stations? Is there some worldwide directory/database?

Would really appreciate an answer! Thanks a lot in advance!

I can use only one station with this app? and the album cover is fetched from where? itunes or lastfm?

Developer is DEAD! Dont sale this app anymore….

iOs 11?

Hello, Do you have the option of quick search?


i Love it. Please upgrade.

Thank you.