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Looks good. Best wishes for the sales. DCSF

Thank you.

how to change admob id, im not find?

Go to your project folder -> assets\data and look for file PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml, you need to find 2 key word key>adMobBanner</key> and <key>adMobInterstitial</key>. Sorry my document is missing the file name and the path.

how to Accelerate the emergence of admob Interstitial ?

Open file PTModelScreen.0.attributes.xml in folder data, find <key>Ad Interstitials Freq.</key> , frequency is 1/ your value, example 1 is 100%, 5 is 1/5= 20% , 7 is 1/7 .

thank you brother

where’s the buildbox file?

Oh, Sorry i miss that. Give me your skype id, i will send.

i dont have skype. can you send to my email? ruddycostacavalcanti @gmail

I have sent email.

how to change logo I didn’t found it

App Icon

App Icon

Oh icon.png file in folder res\drawable


KAKGAM Purchased

i dont undestant where i add admob id

Awesome work. Great game!