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Nice work GLWS :)


hi thème have documentation? i don’t get how to use with link 2 database for 1 query

Yes, have a full documention (http://bookstack.fabiomazzo.com/rabbitdataintelligence/). You cant join more than one datasource with 1 query, but you can try a different approach: create 2 dataloaders, load the data in repository and use a little code to merge and show in a dashboard.

t’s seems to difficult too create something. i think it will be more useful, if wa can insert our sql script and it generate chart or list.

Hey, nice job, is it possible for you to add more data in the demo please, thx

Hello, Thanks! Yes, i’m making more dashboards and i’ll add until Aug-07.

Thanks! Any doubts I am available!

No input file specified.

This is a error in your rabbit intelligence installation? Please send more details.

hi, i recently bought this item and i would am having trouble getting it to work. could you please provide me with steps to follow. i want to run some sql data on it for visualization

Can you send more details of yours problems? Do you want show the result in dashboard as text or graph?

Nice Work, GLWS

Thank You!

Hi, how do I get the loaded data into the graph??

Does it support data drill down and also parameter selection?

Unfortunately no, it is possible to do it, but manually.

Does it support round robin database?

Link given is not working

Yes, have a full documention (http://bookstack.fabiomazzo.com/rabbitdataintelligence/). This link does not work .. Library files throwing errors .. Email sent .. awaiting reply .