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pochai Purchased

Do u have a walkthrough installation document? I tried on localhost it seems to have a lot of issue

Hello pochai,

In install.txt are described installation steps. On which step you have error?


Islim Purchased

Hi I just purchased and installed this but for some reason I can work in the admin end but not front end. I can’t login or register as a different user, neither can i browse topics (though I can create them)....please help me out.


Hi Islim,

Just answered to your email.


Islim Purchased

Any plans for updates?

Hello Islim,

Not now. When application will be update – you will receive an email about that.


Islim Purchased

I send you an email for a quote on customization. you never responded. Is this possible? Can we get to do somethings?

And a quick question, how can I add ads between question and answer and maybe make sidebar sticky?


Hello Islim,

I answered to your email regarding customizations.
You can make sidebar sticky by editing style.css for left sidebar class. Application uses bootstrap – so is easy to find ready solution on internet. Check here how it should work: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19681895/how-to-create-a-sticky-left-sidebar-menu-using-bootstrap-3 or http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18572313/create-sticky-side-navbar-in-bootstrap-3-0

how can you be contacted for custom work.Please reply ASAP

Hello eshaomar,

You can contact me via email: mymail162@gmail.com

Hi. This is a complete system but does support API? (for wordpress users)

Hi poyagh,

Not. It does not support Wordpress users.

Does it support RTL?


no support for this script do you mean that you will not update it anymore?

Hello mkkak,

For now – yes. I am busy with other work – if something will change – I will add update.

hi Author, Am having trouble installation. The readme document is not much help. Can you fix it.

Hi suder2006,

On which step from readme document you have troubles?

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is this script open n customizable ?

Yes, you can edit source code.

Is it possible to easily change the language?

Hi Misantropist,

You can edit one file in lang folder.

If any option to create XML sitemap, that would be useful.

Hello influencermarketer,

Added in to do for next update.

Flood release. It’s a security breach. Photos can increase server costs. There are not many options in the Admin panel.


1.)’‘Ok’’ what do you mean? Will a security be added for flood?

2.)It should also be the date setting for popular questions. Old questions always stay up.

Hi Misantropist,

1) What you mean by ‘flood’? Be more explicit to receive the same answers.
2) Questions are sorted by answers date. Latest answered are first in stream.

Hello, please advice regarding server requirements and if any suggested host/plan for starting up.Thank you!

Hello pikappas,

I use 10$ plan for DigitalOcean – you can try to use it. On DigitalOcean is easy to switch plans if will be required.

last update for version

Hi scriptwriter,

This spring.

does there is any installer which install this script within another social networking script..?

Hello racegurum,
Not. It is standalone application.


it is impossible to use your download file because it is damaged. Thank you to send a correct file to me


Hello djbenjx,

Re-download it or give me your email – I will send it.

The XML Sitemap Generation option is not available. if we create using tools, questions are not indexed in google.and no related Questions. Please update these two important function. Otherwise this script wont be much useful

Hello influencermarketer,

Thank you for suggestions.