QWIKIA - ask and answer platform

QWIKIA - ask and answer platform


Questions and answers platform based on topics similar with Quora. Application is developed on clean PHP, without using any framework.
But, try to create new account to see all functions. In demo are disabled some functions.

Some features:

  • Question topics, with grouped questions. Unlimited number of topics, added by admin.
  • SEO optimised pages. Questions are page`s url. Google will find visitors itself.
  • Asking questions. With searching similar question before adding new one and adding description and image.
  • Answer question via text editor and user mentions. By using text editor your answers will be very informative.
  • Editing questions and answers. With possibility to change everything. For user and admin.
  • Follow topics, questions and answer likes system. Follow topic and you will see new questions in your feed from that topic. With following question – you will be informed about new answers. And with answers like – you can rate useful answers
  • Stream with filtered type of questions. Questions like answered, unanswered, popular and followed. Questions with AJAX loading and notifications about new questions/answers.
  • Bootstrap 3.3.6. Use application on any screen.
  • AdSense web and mobile. Just insert code in admin panel.
  • Admin panel with full control over website. With possibility to manage users, questions, answers, topics, reports, page and some informational graphs. As admin you can change site settings every time you will want.
  • Notifications system with filtered categories, with possibility to receive emails.
  • Easy and automatic installation. Just 3 steps and application run.
  • Sign in via Facebook and Twitter. Or sign up via email with confirm email possibility.
  • Points system for leaderboard.
  • Reports system for questions and answers.
  • User profiles with own questions, answers, points log and topic lists.
  • Search function over all questions, answer, topics and users. With AJAX search user will see results before they will finish word.


  • Version 1.1.1 – 20 May 16
  • - Fixed html code injection;
    - Fixed function for getting user IP;
    - Fixed blocking per IP;
    - Added possibility to edit topic url in admin panel
  • Version 1.1.0 – 01 March 16
  • - New interface with bootstrap 3.3.6;
    - Added best answer for each question;
    - Added https option for secured urls;
    - Added mail() function if SMTP is not set;
    - Added notification counter in page title;
    - Added automatic url transliteration;
    - Added description for questions page;
    - Added insert image url in answer editor;
    - Added user, who asked question on questions page;
    - Fixed with bad words filter;
    - Fixes with UTF-8 encoding for PHP 5.4;
    - Fixes with password recovery form;
    - Fixed loading questions which user answered in user profile;
    - Removed deprecated function eregi;
    - Removed uppercase for username;
    - Changed sorting answers by time;
    - Other Code optimization;
  • Version 1.0.1 – 18 Jan 2016
  • - Fixed social authentication
    - Fixed UTF-8 encoding in answers
    - Fixed password uppercase
    - Fixed disabled button ‘Write answer’ if user is not signed in
    - Added bad words filter
    - Added IP filter
    - Added users IP in admin panel for users and questions
    - Added username and password verification for latin symbols
    - Added installation with PDO connection instead mysql


  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL database
  • PDO Extension
  • GD PHP Extension
  • PHP OpenSSL Extension