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Can I use Android Studio with this?

I’m glad you liked it. After purchase, please vote :)

Will do! One question, how do I export or publish the APK? It’s the only part I am stuck on, thanks :-) Just want to make sure I do it right since i’m new to Unity 3D

Hi, You first need to configure android SDK and java JDK paths from Edit > Preferences > External Tools. If you configure SDK and JDK next you need to configure Player Settings from File > Build Settings > Player Settings. All settings you need to change is listed in Documentation. After you configure Player Settings you need to create a new Keystore or if you have one you need to add it to project. If all steps is done you can export apk from File > Build Settins > Build. Thank for purchase, Bilko Bilisim.

Love this template! Super easy to customize and great documentation!

Only suggestion is regarding Google Play leaderboard. Even if I tick off use Google Play Services my terminal still tries to connect when loading the game. This also happens at game over when going back to main menu, making the experience a bit clunky, It would be great if you could fix this with the next update.

other than that awesome job, keep em coming!

Template request: see if you can come up with a clone of this fun game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA5M8ADWTGI

thanks :)

There is no limit for words. Can you send us screenshot of the words from Game Manager ?

I can’t post a pic here. Can I send it to your email?

Email : bilkobilisim@gmail.com Skype : bilkoburak or live:bilkobilisim

Hi want to presales questions;

1. can add in admod? 2. can i set a random wording and picture icon for shooting? 3. can i set if example special wording he shoot will win bonus? and the bonus can make link url to claim the price? 4. can u do customize?

thank you.

What do you mean with charger? If you mean bar located on top of keyboard its filling when you not type wrong words spawned. If you will type wrong combo will be broken and bar will been reset.

i mean customize

You can easily customize graphics from Game Manager. Check out documentation. http://docs.bilkobilisim.com/qwerty-admob/ If you want to reskin contact us via skype : live:bilkobilisim

Is there a ‘latest recommended version’ of SDK and JDK you recommend? I think my build isn’t compiling right because the JDK and SDK’s are too new

Please update your SDK and JDK. Here is the us sdk tools version. http://i.hizliresim.com/z5WdM6.png

When I try to build APK, I get this error:


Console Message: https://i.imgsafe.org/67c9954.png

What could be causing the package from not packaging right?

Issue Fixed! I wanted to write a comment here for anyone who is using the latest Unity Version and latest SDK’s. If by chance you get a “Error building Player: CommandInvokationFailure: Failed to re-package resources.” error, this is caused very likely by having the 24.0.0-preview SDK installed. The only working solution I found is to uninstall the 24.0.0 build tools folder – means simply delete it and restart Unity. Seems that Unity has issues with the new Android 24 build tools , the project will compile itself properly once this is done.

Thanks for your help “RudyRender”.

I couldn’t compile the project due to console errors. Could this be that I installed the latest version of unity 5 and latest version of android sdk. Can you let me know which versions of everything I need to have the project compile?