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Awesome, is this a full functional solutions, do you have backend

We are prepare backend with PHP. We will share in a short time!

We’re added backend files.

when u going to add backend? add quick this week.

We’re added backend files.

price too high

It’s full app react native & api and admin panel.

Fantastic work :) i wish you huge and successful sales for the week.

Thank you for your comment :)

Good Luck with sales! :)

Thank you jaah! You too :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Merhabalar, sizinle iletişime nasıl geçebilirim uygulama hakkında?

Please share backend demo if it works right I’m buying 2 will your app work on Amazon aws

Of course, you can add In App Purchase or something.

Is the app admob Facebook ads ready

nope, unfortunately

which framework are you using for backend? I need to custom it by myself.

Hello, we’re using custom php framework. Thank you for comment!

hi this app has a bot features? like auto chating or fake chating?

No, it has not cheat bots :)

Opps ! Can you add cheat bots?

Of course we skype address is eftalyurtseven. Please contact us!

Is it possible for users to upgrade at afee?

No its not possible yet :(

The user profile only shows name and location. Nothing like extra pics and interest

Profile page have name, location, profile picture, user text and statistic. Thank you for your comment!

Can’t see that in demo apk

It’s only view apk. Backend files included.

Is the photo validation system available? Against pictures to be added with sexual content

Swarm by Foursquare does not have photo approval system and available on Appstore and Google Play.

ahh soryy :)

this is contrary to admob policies

Is Full Source Code available for this App with this price

Of course.

Hi, what version of react native is? What framework or language is doit the dashboard?

PHP custom framework, React Native 0.60 version.

Can I put Google admob & Facebook ads in this app

If you know a litte bit coding of course, you can add it!

Hello, I would like to know more about this app. What’s ver exceptional here? I get nothing from the admin page. impossible to enable /disable/delete user, impossible to set membership fees etc… ths

Hello, In-app purchase is not include this version. User block is available but have not in demo mode.

Is this a Web Site code? I need to setup the website and I can access the website from any OS? Also, Any “Premium” features (Pay for Use)? What is using as back end? Any push notifications?

Hello, quuqa write use React Native for mobile platforms. quuqa API and quuqa Admin use PHP Custom Framework. Premium features and push notifications are not include react native code.

aws s3 integrated?

If you have php and mysql of course!