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AOA. Dear first of all Great work. i want to purchase this app. i just need some information. 1. How to get mobileAd for this application 2. Can i change any pictures and pdf files in this app. 3. Can i Add more Menu option in this app. 4. Can i add more islamic books in this app like Quran e Pak you already added in this package. 5. is there any video tutorial for customization of this apps. 6. PDF reader should be the part of the app. can you embed pdf reader apis or some thing else.

Dear i have Publish this app on Google play.

There is some know error in application .

1. It does not getting GPS points Properly. “GPS LOOKUP” is not working on most of user mobile, so prayer timing is almost wrong everyone mobile.

2. the serious problem is that i am getting error from mobile phone

“Caution Abnormal Battery usage. the Following App”Quran-e-Pak” is using an usually large amount of battery power or causing your device to run slowly. To improve your device’s performance and save battery power. force this app to stop running or uninstall it.”

Please guide me & help me to remove this errors.

Hi dear waiting for response

Please send us your android version which your mobile currently using and also tell us if your using any clean master application

hi there, i had sent your an email on the nearest mosque.

im still waiting ur reply

any news on my problem

We already sent email. Please check .If you dnt receive please let us know through email.

There is some know error in application .

1. It does not getting GPS points Properly. “GPS LOOKUP” is not working on most of user mobile, so prayer timing is almost wrong everyone mobile.

2.can we change Quran PDF with search ?

3.can we add other Quran app and link it to this app.

Hi Yaserin for gps loction its depends on your device how good gps chip it have. 2nd search is not possible the scenario u said 3rd google not give us facility to open other apps in our apps.

Hello, How Azan alarm works in this app? Its not working. Do you have any plan to update this app also?

Hi droidexpert at this time we are not giving this functionality but soon we will.

So, Do you have any plan to update this app very soon?

hello is new version coming soon?

We’ll publish the update asap – Due to 20% work load and 80% of our laziness, we can’t tell you the exact time

salam, i am interested for buying this apps. please answer me: 1. origin Al Quran resources, from where? can we change it with our Quran data? 2. Can i change translation to Indonesian? and Japanese? 3. Can i change background and color?



1. Resources are mentioned in the document file and you can change the Quran data 2. You change and add Indonesian Quran 3. Yes, you can change the entire UI that includes background, color, icons, etc

Hello, I’m really interested in purshasing this code, but when I installed the demo apk , the app doesn’t work proprly. The notification when a prayer time is coming doesn’t show (appear), and there is a ” Quran e Pack unfortunatly stopped ” at each prayer time, apparently its due a NullPointerException, could you take a look at this ?


We’re sorry for the inconvenience – We’ll take take a look at it and let you know as soon as possible.

Hello, Did you take a look ate this ?


I really loved this source code, but Sadly the developper can’t take minute to answer to questions, I’m happy that I didn’t buy it yet, otherwise I will be now running after refund

Demo link not working

When Will you update this App? Mention Date please

i feel sorry for those who bought this app!!!!

i interest with it. can you reupload demo link?

hey i see you provided an app with not working demo link so please fix it

do you have plan to update this apps.this version does not working properly please update this apps.it is a good effort

Hi sir , great work but before i buy this i have questions 1- can i add more surah and how 2- can i change the surah to just arabic ?

Hello, the demo is not found!

Can you send the apk application download link to Emile for his experience before buying shweikiibrahem@gmail.com ?

why 2018 ramadan time not showing?

why 2018 ramadan time not showing?