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Hi Author

Reference App URL is not working and Demo Apk link missing

kindly provide the correct link so app can be tested

Whats New in Update Code Agent ?

Downloaded and Checked . if you have not updated anything in code , then what is logic behind giving Update of application , you have wasted my time ..

apk link no work, admob banner is float No recomend, app can read external sql or internal

Internal SQL is there in application.

I get an error. How can i contact you?

Hi, interested in this, i had checked your app from google play, i saw video ads coming everytime i open a category, is that admob intestrial ad.? and it have server side to add new category, statuses.?

Error:Android Source Generator: [source code] AndroidManifest.xml file not found

i am getting this error, while importing in android studio

Error:Android Source Generator: [source code] AndroidManifest.xml file not found

i am getting this error, while importing in android studio

Resolved i think ,

Hi, this App support RTL language like Ordu and Arabic??

It is possible. Need customization.

Hi, I like your app, Do I need hosting server for this app? or just upload to playstore is enough ?

No you do not require any hosting or server. App is having data within app so you can directly upload on store. Thanks

Does it support latest 5.1 and will you continue supporting upcoming marshmallow version? Do this app comes with 10000 status database file ready? Thanks

Hi yes app can support all latest android versions. You can edit database file.

hi, how to edit the SQlite database ….??? your documents file is not completed…. please send me file that mentioned that how to edit categories and other data in SQlite database file please share complete file


I have added SQL tool in which you can easily edit content. Thanks

give me the link so that i can download this tool

It is within code only. Thanks,

i have purchased the app but i dont want splash screen i want start from categories

Hi please mail me on codeagent0@gmail.com if you want any customization.


This is sateesh, please clarify below questions:

1) if I purchase the app with Regular licence, shall I modify app and publish in android play store? 2) Is admob integrated or not? 3) give me the demo apk. 4) how you give the source code to me? 5) Application developed on which IDE, version (Android studio/Eclipse) 6) How about the future support like any errors?

ran successfully in eclipse. i see that in asset folder you kept many images, those image are not used code.

how to use sql file and how to modify sql file. i have no idea on sq lite data base. please guide me.

Please check main files folder . within that folder you will get sqlitebrowser tool. You can open /edit file with the help of that tool.


Eclipse ?hope all bugs are fixed in new update

Ya eclipse

when i add database after adding my categories and install on mobile it says unfortunatily fb status have stopped?

Did u change your server URL ??

hi this is sateesh, i bought this item, i got app updates email. where to find out the newly added features? could you please provide latest updates.

Hi I have not updates in code.

whats wrong in this app its not showing the ads.

I have emailed you. Thanks,

hello , can this source code used to make guide ? or is there have a limit text ?

Sorry I am not getting you. Please explain in details.

got error “app_name” is not translated in “af” (Afrikaans), “am” (Amharic), “ar” (Arabic), “be” (Belarusian), “bg” (Bulgarian), “ca” (Catalan), “cs” (Czech), “da” (Danish), “de” (German), “el” (Greek), “en-rGB” (English: United Kingdom), “en-rIN” (English: India), “es” (Spanish), “es-rUS” (Spanish: United States), “et-rEE” (Estonian: Estonia), “fa” (Persian), “fi” (Finnish), “fr” (French), “fr-rCA” (French: Canada), “hi” (Hindi), “hr” (Croatian), “hu” (Hungarian), “hy-rAM” (Armenian: Armenia), “in” (Indonesian), “it” (Italian), “iw” (Hebrew), “ja” (Japanese), “ka-rGE” (Georgian: Georgia), “km-rKH” (Khmer: Cambodia), “ko” (Korean), “lo-rLA” (Lao: Lao People’s Democratic Republic), “lt” (Lithuanian), “lv” (Latvian), “mn-rMN” (Mongolian: Mongolia), “ms-rMY” (Malay: Malaysia), “nb” (Norwegian Bokmål), “nl” (Dutch), “pl” (Polish), “pt” (Portuguese), “pt-rBR” (Portuguese: Brazil), “pt-rPT” (Portuguese: Portugal), “ro” (Romanian), “ru” (Russian), “sk” (Slovak), “sl” (Slovene), “sr” (Serbian), “sv” (Swedish), “sw” (Swahili), “th” (Thai), “tl” (Tagalog), “tr” (Turkish), “uk” (Ukrainian), “vi” (Vietnamese), “zh-rCN” (Chinese: China), “zh-rHK” (Chinese: Hong Kong), “zh-rTW” (Chinese: Taiwan, Province of China), “zu” (Zulu)

Issue: Checks for incomplete translations where not all strings are translated Id: MissingTranslation

If an application has more than one locale, then all the strings declared in one language should also be translated in all other languages.

If the string should not be translated, you can add the attribute translatable=”false” on the <string> element, or you can define all your non-translatable strings in a resource file called donottranslate.xml. Or, you can ignore the issue with a tools:ignore=”MissingTranslation” attribute.

By default this detector allows regions of a language to just provide a subset of the strings and fall back to the standard language strings. You can require all regions to provide a full translation by setting the environment variable ANDROID_LINT_COMPLETE_REGIONS.

You can tell lint (and other tools) which language is the default language in your res/values/ folder by specifying tools:locale=”languageCode” for the root <resources> element in your resource file. (The tools prefix refers to the namespace declaration http://schemas.android.com/tools.)



I want to buy but I dont know how to change in SQLite Manager ( for categories and status ) is that easy ?? can you give me an idea ??,

can you give me an idea

I will guide you it is an easy to edit.

it is eclipse or android studio project?? can i join you on skype ?

Yes. It is developed in eclipse. Thanks

can i join you on skype ? i need some more help??

Yes add me on rashmi. bhadani22

Downloaded the app. Getting crash.

Did you resolved ?

Quotes and Status including in code?


Hello sir i have 2 question 1-is it android studio project ? 2-can you send me RTL version if i buy it?

My second question?

Can i place Arabic letter in the text area?

yes you can. Just need to change text in arabic. Thanks,