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Hello Team

We are using this script. We are facing an issue where we search a quote with the help of a tag, then the Search URL structure is like this:


We want if we search any quote with the help of tag, the URL should be SEO friendly which means it should come without ”?q=” and it should come like /search/stormy which is easily crawled by search engines.

Please look into this.


thank you installation complete https://www.applications-mods.com

want to purchase but script is not updated since 2016 kindly update the scipt

will add new update soon

Hi, i want to move to new domain but link still link to old domain, how to fix it? Thanks

send me you site information in private message and i will help you to fix it

There is a problem with Turkish characters. But no support. I bought it, but I can not.

what is exactly the problem send the link to check please

do you plan to add user registration and quote submission ? then I most likely purchase.
(edit: also, why the quotes on the home page are always the same and not something randomly)

I am sorry, I was absent and I didn’t replied anyone for more than a month. It depends on what you need and how many hours it takes * 30$ which is my hourly rate.

and you keep ignoring, thanks and goodbye.

Ignoring ?

welcome and goodbye.

Hello. I have not yet bought the script, but I want to get it, but I would like to ask three questions.

1 – I wonder if the script can be installed in PHP version 5.6 or 7?

2 – Is it possible to create bulk upload personalization of citations (quotes) and also authors?

3 – Also I would like to know if you do customization (creation) of layout (template) so that my site can have a unique layout?

Thanks for the attention and sorry for the errors in writing because I did the translation with Google translator.

send me a private message please.

Hi there, I am interested to use your CMS, I have psd files can you built theme for it?


thank you for interesting. send me screenshots for your PSD and I will send you the time and cost.

Thank you.


marcgovi Purchased

Dear seller

I bought the Quotes – Quotation CMS script and installed it on an Nginx server, but in contact with the hosting company, I was informed that this server does not accept the .htaccess file. There is no information that the script needs to be installed on Apache server.

Is there any solution to solve this case?

Thank you for your attention.

there is rules for htaccess to work with nginx. Unfortunately I didn’t dealt with Nginx before. you should get help from your host support.