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Dear i cant see the demo, can u give me another link to the demo.. im serously willing to buy, thanks

Fix the crash after selecting an image as background. Fix rate feature. Allow user to change text settings by directly clicking in the object (instead of filling a form or accessing a separate confusing activity that mixes settings of different objects). Create action bar with menu to access settings (instead of “others”). The idea is nice but it has to be better polished to respect Android Material Design. After that I will definitely buy it.

Sony Z3 Android 5.1.1. Wish u a good work n good business.

Hi, Thanks FYI, we will fix ASAP.

Hi, you can check the new one. :)

I support Diogodutra. You have a new buyer here, after correcting the error background please. Other suggestions by diogodutra are also well welcome. Thanks :)

Hi, Thanks The next update still on developing, :) We will inform you when its done.

Hi, you can check the new one. :)

V3 not installing. Android replies : “App not installed”.

Hi, try to uninstall previous first.

i want to edit something on the app? here is my skype: h.a.220310

Hi, sorry for my late reply.

If you want a little discussion you can contact us by Google Hangout , with email dev.dream.space@gmail.com, no video call, chat only :)

Hello There is a crash for devices after selecting the image on nexus 5 and 6 devices running android Lolipop and also tested on android M. Kindly Fix this issue. I bought this app already and its just not working right especially with the IMAGE Part.

Hi, sorry about that, Thanks for that information we will fix the bug asap.

This can work even better if all activities can be performed in single screen… Like Quotes Creator or Instaquote app on Android. Needs improvement.

Thanks for that advice :)

hello , when i can contact you i need from you new work

I don’t know what you mean, please more clear, If you talk about custom work, sorry I am not available. :)


Size dan format hasilnya bisa diubah? Misalnya png menjadi jpg & 640×640. Soalnya hasil dari png resolusinya rendah tapi ukuran filenya besar..

Terima kasih

Maaf baru balas gan. Harusnya bisa gan, tapi saya belum explore bagaimana caranya.


Ok mas, mohon bantuannya nnti mas caranya mengedit hasil imagenya,soalnya tmplate ini segera saya beli jg mas :)

mas, aplikasinya sering force close. tolong di update donk mas. bisa ndak mas diberi banner admob nya sekalian :D

Oh oke mas, bisa running dengan usb debugging nggak mas, saya perlu error logs dari android studionya untuk mengetahui penyebab errornya.

Terimakasih :)

ndak bisa usb debug mas…aku jajal di hape xiomi..dari xiomi mi3, xiomi redmi pro, xiomi mi4 semua langsung force close mas :3

rekuwest update donk mas

oke mas, nanti kalau saya ketemu erronya akan saya perbaiki. :)

can you please update app with add png sticker ? Thanks

I think its will so complicated, and I don’t know how to.