[UPDATED] Quotes Android-IOS Flutter Quotes App with AdMob + Web Admin Panel for Customisation

[UPDATED] Quotes Android-IOS Flutter Quotes App with AdMob + Web Admin Panel for Customisation

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“Quotes App” is a quotation sharing app inspired by the Flutter framework, made by Google. We spent hundreds of business hours on designing, developing and testing the Quotes App to give you a complete, ready-to-go solution. It’s the most optimized and best-designed quotation app in the marketplace. Thanks to Flutter, you will have high-performance Android and IOS Applications from a single codebase. It’s guaranteed that you will be satisfied with impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices. In addition to Android & IOS App, we will give you the Web Admin Panel for free. Thanks to Web Panel, you will be able to configure your app just within seconds WITHOUT ANY CODING KNOWLEDGE! You can add new category, author and quotation easily in your Web Admin Panel. In addition to that, you will be able to customise your app without writing a single line of code. You can change your app’s colour, font style and Mobile Ads setting from the Panel. In short, you are only a few clicks away from having CodeCanyon’s best Quotes App. Whatever you need, “Quotes App” provides you the solution. Faster-Smoother-Closer.

Quotes App Features:

  • Great UX Design
  • Flexible Design Structure
  • Web Admin Panel to Control Your App
  • Awesome Designed Author List Bottom Button
  • Author’s Profile Designed Like Social Media
  • Clean and Organized Dart Code & Provider State Management
  • Working Perfect on both IOS and Android with 60 fps
  • Copy Quotes to Clipboard
  • Save Quotes to Gallery
  • Share Quotes to Social Medias
  • Stylish Category Pages
  • AdMob (You Can Show Ads in Your App and Make Money.)

What will you get?

  • Android and IOS Apps
  • Web Admin Panel
  • Full Dart Source Code
  • Well-documented Documentation File
  • Lifetime Use and Free Version Upgrade


  • You Can Search Quotes and Authors
  • You Can Add Quotes to Favorites and Look Them Whenever You Want
  • You Can Save & Download Quotes to Your Gallery
  • You Can Share Quotes in Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Wherever You Want
  • App Performance Improved Significantly
  • Web Admin Panel Performance Improved
  • Web Admin Panel Backend Services Coded Again

Web Admin Panel

If you don’t see the Admin Panel, Please Click here to open it. Login
  • Username: admin
  • Password: test

Mobile App Demo

If you can’t download APK via image, Please Click here to download


This is Quotes App’s online documentation. This link can help you how to configure and use your Quotes App, possible problems and their solutions. In addition to documentation, you can reach us and ask your questions whenever you want. We’ll turn back to you swiftly.

Pubspec Library

The project is also using some library from

  cupertino_icons: ^0.1.2
  provider: ^4.0.5
  http: ^0.12.0+4
  curved_navigation_bar: ^0.3.1
  sqflite: ^1.3.0
  cached_network_image: ^2.1.0+1
  auto_size_text: ^2.1.0
  google_fonts: ^0.5.0+1
  flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.7.4
  analyzer: ^0.39.7
  font_awesome_flutter: ^8.8.1
  admob_flutter: ^1.0.1
  autocomplete_textfield: ^1.7.3
  liquid_pull_to_refresh: ^2.0.0
  share_files_and_screenshot_widgets: ^1.0.3
  permission_handler: ^5.0.1+1
  expandable_bottom_bar: ^1.0.2
  flutter_circular_text: ^0.3.0
  screenshot: ^0.2.0
  image_gallery_saver: ^1.6.2
  share: ^0.6.5+4
  lottie: ^0.7.0+1


** version 2.0 - 19 November 2020
*** Search Feature Added
*** Favorites Feature Added
*** Save to Gallery Feature Added
*** Share Quote Feature Added
*** Mobile Backend Services Coded Again
*** Web Admin Panel Backend Services Coded Again
*** App Performance Improved
*** Web Admin Panel Performance Improved
*** Bugs Fixed
** version 1.1 – 28 May 2020
**** IOS Admob Problem Solved
**** Quotes Sorted by Date Descending
**** Performance Improvements
**** Bugs fixed
**** Documentation Updated(Important)
**** GIF photos uploadable
** version 1.0 – 20 April 2020
****Release the first version
****Fully compatible with IOS and Android
****Free Web Admin Panel