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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for this Ultimate Client Manager Lite Plugin: Job and Invoice Products

We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your UCM !

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I get an error after the installation :

Fatal error: Class ‘module_faq’ not found in /home/*/public_html/client/includes/plugin_product/pages/product_settings.php on line 12

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll investigate this error and provide an update asap

Hello, please try the latest update from Settings > Upgrade to see if this resolves the error. Thanks, dtbaker

Thanks that’s worked.

Can you add an option to select an image for the product ? And then show the image in the invoice/quote ?

it will be a great feature.

I was checking your demo, and I found an easier solution. What if you change the “Description” field in the “Product Information” page and make it accept HTML. Maybe WYSIWYG ?

Yes this is a possibility. I won’t have any time until next week to tweak this and make it work all the way through to PDF generation.

Good, then i’ll wait for you to finish this before I purchase, please reply to this comment when you finish it ;)

their product would be great if you could upload images of a product, I hope you take into account next design. I and so many more people would buy…

Where would these product images be displayed? In jobs and invoices?

Is possible to generate a Barcode or QRcode for invoice number..?

No not out of the box.

Actually if you can find an online API that can generate a barcode from an Image URL then it may be possible to include the invoice number in the “Barcode URL” and have the “Barcode image” output on the Invoice PDF.