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Hello, can this app be translated into Russian language? And support Russian quotes?

thank you ) will buy it

Also is this app online or offline? do users need to have internet connection to use this app ?

User Need internet connection. this version on support offline.

Hello Nice Work ! have some suggestion for good sale ! 1. Add push notification for daily “Quotes of the day” 2. Push notification must be custom eg. user can switch on/off notification 3. Put copy function over top…. user can easily copy quotes :)

Thanks. for your valuable suggestion we will sure try to implement this feature on next version sure.

can this app work offline after get quotes from server ?

Sorry no.

Can i have demo admin panel access to try admin panel.

sure. will provide soon.

important recommendation: please try to make it possible for offline use, I’m very much interested in buying it

Sure. will try best on next version. Thanks for valuable suggestion.

I’m also too much interested in this app if it works offline as well as online too… Please work on that.. You will receive awesome response.. Thank you…

Sure try to provide as soon as will update new version.

can you please share admin panel demo ?

we provide before admin panel demo but some user add nosense entry that why we stop to provide it. still you need we can provide video of demo.

Quote App Admin Panel Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBaQauJeWUU

It’s been two months why you guys dont update this app? i am waiting for push notification :(

Why i am getting this error when i tried to sign in to admin panel: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mysite/public_html/myfolder/include/config.php:20) in /home/mysitepublic_html/myfolder/login_db.php on line 18

And also when i import the project to studio i am getting this warning message: Unregistered VCS root detected The directory C:\Users\me\Desktop\Afandi update new version!\QuoteApp is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings.

Please read all doc carefully we have not setup anywhere in GIT…

Hello?? Is this app still supported or no??

let us prepare Server side installing side. will provide soon.

Please try to do it fast cuz i have been waiting for you almost 24 hours.

Solve by teamviewer. Thanks

Hello, i am getting this error messages when i try to access admin panel : connectconnect Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mysite/public_html/myfolder/include/config.php:20) in /home/mysite/public_html/myfolder/login_db.php on line 18

i have sent you 4 – 5 emails your not answering. also the app is not getting data from the server since there is problem with admin panel. if you not interested in giving help and support please please let me know because i dont want to spend more time on this. i will get new app that is working good. its been 3 days i am stuck in this thing.

Please refund me. I will get new app.

Or just fix the problem i am sure it wont take you long

how add unicode font support?? please help

please contact me at skype: keraisureshv

its working now.another question.when edit or delete quotes from admin panel, it say “Only administrators have permission to edit”.. what is the solution for this

Please check Alert code and remove when on click delete button. still doubt let me know on skype:

please add copy clipbord,share app,rating app.also develop iso platfrom,and windows

Thanks for your suggestion.

Does this app has ads !!!! cuz there are no ads displaying in the demo apk

Yes. Admob Implement.