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Hi, Do you have a plan for new update release? I get server errors when trying to install


I’m getting internal server errors with this script, can you help

Hi, i purchased your script and am having problems already. When iI try to add an image and click save nothing is happening, and also I created 3 sub categories when i click on them it redirects me to server failed

Most probably it is a server compatibility issue. Message me the necessary details so that I can see.

Sent you an email

Im still having that issue man

do you customize it ?? remove unwanted feature want to buy this theme but want some changes and progressive quiz option.

waiting for your response.

I want to buy and pay you to make some custom changes. Please contact me.

Hi, Thanks for this great script !!! Can you please tell me how to add featured posts into the sidebar, like your demo site ;) Regards, Lou

Does any one else not have the ad section in their settings?

pre-salle quistion ( you have planed a new update? i like this script but is not complet pleas add more option like chare and show the result in facebook .) The arabic lang is not working for my client i try to add thym but is not showing up ( i try in localhost and his hosting ) look this img why wayt for new update


I would like to purchase quiz script i need some changes.

1) Do you provide customization please?

2) How much do you charge please?

3) Can you please tell how many questions can post in 1 Quiz? I mean is there any limit?

Thank you

Hi do you provide customization service?

Hi do you provide customization service i will pay you good money for doing some customization work on this script for me please. I’m waiting for your reply.

can i redirect the user to any page i want based on results of quiz??

doesn’t look like author is around anymore. Not a good way to generate sales

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Author Fixed the problem—thank you!!!!

I must recant my earlier comments an apologize to the authors. I am sorry for jumping the gun and giving bad rating. THIS SCRIPT IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD HOPED AND THE ONLY SCRIPT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE THAT DOES WHAT IT DOES.. THANK YOU Vanyne Labs—In fact I will buy this again just so I can give you a good rating!!!!!!!!!!!!

if the script gave error like those of such kind: Unknown storage engine ‘InnoDB’ any idea ?

Your MySql does not have the InnoDB engine

so, before purchase your script, I have to make sure that my server has ‘InnoDB engine’ ?

InnoDB is a fairly common engine. I would really be surprised if a hosting is not allowing that.

InnoDB is mostly used in cases where transactions are involved (when you want to make sure that data has been successfully inserted in 2 or more MySql tables). This script has some transaction features, especially it is important when Papyal is involved. So its better if your MySql has InnoDB engine available.

Hi, I want create a site to learn languages. With your script can do that? I mean that each quiz have only 5 questions, I suppose that isn’t limited, right? Any posibility to save the progress of each quiz?

Salut, Josep M

Can images be used as answers in the quiz? Also, can the quiz result page include special content such as html, embeded videos?

hi, i want to buy the script quiz, how?

Add the item to the shopping cart, and buy it.

Respected sir i need this

your script same as agove or diffrence please help me

No, its different than nametests. See the demo.


lyynx Purchased

Can this be setup to be SSL only including the content shared?

With a bit of code editing, it should be possible.

Hi, is there an alternative login method other than Facebook? Thanks!