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I cannot run this app. Could you please provide me the step to run this project ? Thank you :-)

Could you send me an email (my mail is in the docs)? And I`ll be glad to help you.

Would you be able to do a quick video of your documentation, especially the “usage” section. To get the demo up and running?

Currently the stamplay step is confusing me. Is it correct that in step 9. “Setup Stamplay Objects” the objects are in the index.js stamplay folder you provided?

I’m unable to do step 10. “Navigate to the stamplay folder in Terminal and run `node index.js` to import data into your stamplay app” . When is do ‘node index.js’ by terminal it gives me “Error Cannot find module ‘stamplay’ at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:455:15) ....

Could you send me an email (my mail is in the docs)? And I`ll be glad to help you.

Hello. How to manage the questions? and how to see the quiz results for all participants? is there any backend or only for local device usage?

- At this moment you can add more questions via Stamplay panel. - There is no way to see the results for all participants yet. - There is the backend with Stamplay.

Hello, how’s the procedure to add a new question? I would like to split the content, for free users and for premium users, is it possible?

Oi Tairone, é possível sim. Atualmente as questões são salvas no Stamplay, então basta cadastrar uma nova pelo painel do Stamplay, e você pode criar uma flag em cada registro pra sinalizar quais são gratuitas e quais são pagas. Serão necessárias algumas alterações no código pra identificar os usuários pagos, mas nada muito complexo.

do you have an email for customization?

Any plans for new features?

Yes, what do you want to see in the app?

Admob, in-app purchase integration, free at full version & google analytics :)

Not working, no support. DONT BUY IT!

I tried to help via e-mail, but it seems that you have not followed the steps I sent you. If you have any questions, please, contact me.

Hi, Can this be used as PhoneGap project too?

Yes ;)

Hi. Is this written in Typescript? And is this updated to Ionic 3 and Angular 4 the latest release? Looking good. Stamplay integration is gonna be huge. Good choose!

I’ll update as soon as possible. Right now this theme stills in Ionic 2 beta 7.

Great. I will def purchase this if it is in Latest Ionic 3 / Stamplay and Angular 4. Also consider Firebase to add user login management and permission management as some of the people here request. And Stripe via Stamplay to enable pay vs unpay option so people can pay for extra feature. Just some ideas.