QuizTap — premium quiz web app

QuizTap — premium quiz web app

EDIT: As of October 2016, I no longer have the time nor capacity to support this item. You can still buy it. I have decreased the price to a bare minimum and you may enjoy it for what it is. A super simple, flexible quiz generator.

What is QuizTap?

Ever wanted your own quiz for your website? Well, now supported with the latest technology, you can! You can add more interaction with quick and easy quizzes! Installation is super easy and fast!

and more! QuizTap’s intuative display and unique design brings the design and feel of the latest in technology but leaves room for simplicity.

Demo Login


pass: codecanyon

Due to security and demo purposes, you will not be able to modify/delete the first four quizzes, its contents of questions/images or the demo account settings or credentials. Please behave and do not upload things that not nice and questionable content.

v1.4 (Jun 18, 2015)
- Fixed show right/wrong answer bug
- Fixed progress bar

v1.1 (Feb 26, 2015)
- Added support for html entities and other languages requiring accents
- Fixed bug in "Add via PHP" code to include full directory.

v1.0 (Feb 20, 2015)
- Web app released
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  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
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