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dd5agency does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello there,

I think I can buy this product. I might have found what I was looking for.

Can I go to the Admin section?

Hi! Thank you for the purchase. Did you figure out what was the issue with the error when you want to update the quiz? If not, could you please give more details, so I will try to reproduce it?

Regarding the no header, no footer, no sidebar option:

To show a quiz on its own:

  1. Edit the quiz and copy its shortcode.
  2. Go to Pages » Add New.
  3. Set the Template option to Quizmaster Blank Page. Find this option in the Page Attributes meta box.
  4. Paste the quiz shortcode into the page editor.
  5. Publish or update the page.

The info is also in the docs, under the “Blank Page Template” section.

Thank you for the information.

Any card, question, choice can not be changed after the selection is saved.

You have to delete and recreate it.

Hi. Just tested it, and was able to update cards, choices, and questions.

This are the steps I used to investigate:

  1. Go to Quizzes » Add New
  2. Enter title, select quiz type, and click “Publish”
  3. Add question with title “test”.
  4. Add 3 choices to this question: “test 1” (1 point), “test 2” (2 points), and “test 3” (3 points)
  5. Enter answer details: first field “abc”, second field: “abc”
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Modify all fields (question text, choice labels and points, answer details) and click “Save”

I will need some more info to investigate and reproduce the issue:

  • Could you please provide the exact steps to reproduce
  • The version of WordPress
  • Browser name and version
  • Operating system name and version
  • Web server (e.g., Apache2, Nginx)
  • Screenshot of the question or card that produces the error

Please send this info to contact@dd5agency.com

Thank you

Hello I’m interested to buy your plugin, but i want to know the way which you used to import to question, i have my questions in excel format. so i want to check import and export settings.

Hi, thanks for the interest in Quizmaster. The quiz export feature allows you to export a quiz in a ZIP file. The ZIP file contains the data XML and the images. You can import the quiz from the exported ZIP file. However, initially, you will need to add each question using the admin interface. Please check the videos that explain how to create questions in the admin:

Hi, Fantastic!! Your new version will have iframes, I will be able to run the Quiz (clean) on the screen of a mobile ? only the Quiz? Thanks :)

Hi, the version 1.1 has just been reviewed. I’ve added the feature to display the quiz on the blank page (no header, no footer, no sidebar). Please check the demo here – https://demo.dd5agency.com/quizmaster/blank-page/

Hi, Please, how do I display the words “Right” and “Wrong” for my language? which appears next to the icon. Thanks!!

Hi, webosk, thanks for purchase. These strings can be translated by creating the .mo translation file for your language. Basically, there are a few steps:

  1. Copy the wp-content/plugins/quizmaster/languages/quizmaster.pot and name your copy quizmaster-xx_XX.po (replace xx_XX with your language key; e.g. en_US, de_DE, etc)
  2. You could use Poedit to enter translations in this file
  3. Generate the quizmaster-xx_XX.mo (you can use Poedit for this)
  4. Copy the quizmaster-xx_XX.mo to wp-content/languages/plugins/quizmaster-xx_XX.mo
  5. This file should be picked up by WordPress when you set the language on the Settings admin page

You could also check this detailed article about translation WordPress plugins: How to Translate a WordPress Plugin.

Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales


Hello. Very nice job ! Just a pre-sale question : is it possible to integrate audio in the questions ?

Hi! Thanks for being interested in Quizmaster. You can use shortcodes and some HTML within the question text. So you can add audio using the WordPress’ audio shortcode. Example:

<p>Who things this song?</p>[audio src="path/to/my/audio/file.mp3"]

This is the audio shortcode documentation on WordPress.org – Audio Shortcode. Please check the “Usage” section.

Hi, I would like to purchase this plugin but have a quick question. I require adding content pages between the questions is this possible? We also need pop ups for more info on questions. Is the plugin able to do either of these things? Thanks heaps!

Hi, thanks for your interest in the plugin. The feature to show content pages between questions and more info popups are not available at this time.

Any plans to change it so the social media share/facebook feature shares the results of the quiz and not just a link to the quiz? Otherwise I absolutely love this plugin, easy to use, clean professional layout, but we want our audience to be able to share thier results of the quiz too.

Hi, jillcarterdesign, unfortunately this is not planned

Thanks for the reply, I am sorry to hear that you are not planning to support this plugin anymore, I purchased several quiz plugins to find what I needed, and I have to say yours was the absolute best. The user interface is easy to use, the tracking of the results is great, the finished look of the quiz is spectacular. I wish you luck on your future endeavors.

Hi. I would like to leave a notice that I won’t be able to support this plugin anymore, and therefore it’s planned to discontinue it.

Is it possible to ask for exampje question one with a image, question 2 without an image and question 3 with a video?

And is there a restricition in therms of numbers? We want 20 differtent quizzes with 50 questions per quiz. Is that possible?

Can i ask phone numbers from my customers?

I’m unable to install this plugin. I’m running 4.74

Looks great. Are we able to use shortcodes in the Quiz Results? For example if user gets 70% of questions right run the shortcode? Thanks!

demo not working


Ralphee Purchased

hi, is possible to add the information participant. Exemple: age, work, gender??

Hi, I have few pre-sell questions 1. Will the result be send to User and Admin 2. Can we have Statics Chart 3. Can we export Result as CSV, and this contain user detail like Name, Email Id, Score 4. Do it has timer 5. Should the user be required to be logged in to take this quiz? 6. Will it work on all theme

Hello. I’ve tried creating a quiz for the first time.

At the end of the quiz, I keep getting: Results could not be processed.

Help please.