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Is it possible to use my theme I have now with this plug in? I am implementing this as an element of an existing website.

Is the plugin completely dependent on the theme it comes with, or can I add files to my current theme, and add elements to my style.css to make this work?

Hi, you need to style elements belong to your theme to make it work smooth. Thanks you.

Thank you – I will give it a shot

I do have one more question for you, this is very important for my use of this plugin. I need the ability for a logged in user to type into a text field after the test and have this text included in the email, and certification. I am using WP-Pro-Quiz now and it gives the option for adding custom fields of data that are added to the emails and stats – was wondering if this was something you had planned, or that I could pull off with custom fields?

This functions is awesome, I will add it in next version. Thank your feedback.

Thank you, looking forward to it!

Added to favorites. I hope in the next update, timer and list number can fix in sidebar


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Whenever I start a trial test it sends me to a not found page. (Obviously I already have questions ready in that test).

You go to Settings – Permalink Settings and click Save, if this is not solve you contact with me via email, I will help you.

Thanks you.


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Just sent you an email, that did nothing. Please get back to me asap. Thanks.


vik000 Purchased

yep, that worked. 100% reliable support. thanks

pre-purchase interrogation : can the teacher correct the answer after responding or all the question types are based on automatic correction ?


Current, All the question types are based on automatic correction.

Thanks your question.


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Does your quiz / test / engine support “adaptive” learning? SO if a question is answered wrong it will be asked again and again until its right? I’d be a customer in a second if it did :)

Thanks you.

Do you have a change log of what is different with this latest update?

Ok Thank your feedback.

Was the option for adding custom fields of data that are added to the emails and stats added to this release?

Hi, About that function I’m researching for next version, this version I fix some bug and adding adaptive test function.

Thanks your question.

hi, i can´t find shortcode. pls, could you hep me. thanks in advance.


Contact with me via support email, please attached your purchased code.

Thanks you.

hi can you do it so that the answers are hidden? and also for them to view the solution they would need to pay or share or download the solutions etc..??

Hi, Great options, I only review to do it after I finish to integrate it ok with Woocommerce for sale tests.

Thanks you.

Hi, I want to know if you already finished the addon for ultimate membership?

Hi, I nearly finished it, after testing it ok I will realease.

Thanks you.

Okay, another question, can I just use the theme that includes the plugin? Why I use optimizepres and a theme I bought

You can use Quizmaker with other themes but you need style css again for adapting to that themes.

About the functions it is the same on the theme default.


Few question before deciding if i buy the plugin :

is there an integration with mycred ? is there an option to share our results on facebook or twitter ? is there an option so that when someone who took a quiz has finished, he clicks on a button that link to twitter saying a custom phrase such as “i just finished a quizz on ….” ?


Hi, current version Quizmaker is not integrate with mycred and social.

Thanks your questions.

The demo version of http://demo.awstheme.com/live/wordpress/quizmaker/test/media-test/site images are not displayed properly on mobile devices. The plugin does not 100% RESPONSIVE? Only part works fine, but images are displayed very large preview on the screen. deforming

Current this plugin is not 100% responsive, I will update it in furture versions.

Thank your feedback.

Very good this plugin. I took the test and I visualized the diploma. simulated The plugin allows personlizar the certificate freely? If so, the customization is in CSS or involves image? At the end of the examination the certificate displays the date, course name, student’s name, date of personlizado?


- “The plugin allows personlizar the certificate freely?” Yes.

- “If so, the customization is in CSS or involves image? At the end of the examination the certificate displays the date, course name, student’s name, date of personlizado?” Customization via the image you upload to composer certificate reserved places for adding the date, course name, student’s name, date of personlizado….

Could you send me your email ? ( https://codecanyon.net/user/awstheme )

I will send your an account for testing in admin.

Thank your feedback.

Hello, I have some questios before to buy the plugin.

1. Is it possible to translate everything? I want to use it in spanish 2. Is it possible to only give the certificate to who respond correctly all questions in the quiz? 3. is the certificate completly customizable ? 4. is the user system Independent from wordpress users?

Thank you

Thanks, Is working like a charm I test all percent. Thanks I will buy it, tomorrow or friday. Great grea super great plugin !!!!

Thank you for your help

Thanks you very much :)


1. You mentioned that you are building Ultimate Member addon. Is this still under development? If yes, when is approximate expected date?

2. Will Ultimate Member addon be sold separately?

3. In your test quiz, I see that user is prompted to login in the My Account link: http://demo.awstheme.com/live/wordpress/quizmaker/qm-account/

Is this My Account login different from Ultimate Member addon or is it same?

4. If a user opens an account, can he purchase different tests using that same account and then be able to see a history of his test purchases? And a history of his quiz score.

5. After a user purchases a quiz and completes it, does he continue to have access to re-take that test again and again in the future, forever. Or does he need to purchase test again if he wants to take it in the future? How is this logic handled now?


Wow, thank you for your attention very much.

1. Yes, I’m instegrate with Ultimate Member, about next month I release it.

2. No, this addon is included in Quizmaker you no need purchased more.

3. The login form of Quizmaker is different from Ultimate Member form, but member can using the login form of UM and play test

4. Yes, in My Account having a tabs is Assigned Tests it store tests user purchased, and Results tabs for viewing history results.

5. This logic is when user purchased a test he will be assigned to that test for play and how many times user can play or unlimited you can set it in admin. Curently I’m upgrading when user exceed that times they will be remove from assigned tests and purchased again and will release in this week.

Again Thank you very much.

will this plugin work with my existing theme? with shortcodes?

Yes, Quizmaker work with your theme like demo but about the layout, interface maybe different belong to your theme, for that you need style again something for smooth with your theme.

Thank your question.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ’,’ or ’;’ in /quizmaker/includes/class-qm-image.php on line 33

Your php version is old, contact with me I will send to you new upgrade plugin for solve fast.

Thank your feedback.

Hi, does it provide explanations on the answers later once user finishes taking a quiz? Are there easy way to import questions into the system? for example, csv import?


1. Yes, like demo you see http://demo.awstheme.com/live/wordpress/quizmaker/test/show-explanation-on-result/

2. Current version not have this function, I will note this function for furture.

Thanks your questions.