Discussion on QuiziT | Native Android Multi-Category Quiz App with AdMob & FCM PUSH Notification

Discussion on QuiziT | Native Android Multi-Category Quiz App with AdMob & FCM PUSH Notification

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Social media links (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) in strings.xml for Android 12 API 31 no longer work? They worked fine with Android 10 API 29.What is the fix?

its working,...

Fixed: I eliminated the Social Media links from the code myself as these links no longer work! Rate App and my Privacy policy links still work. I’m using an early version from November, 2019.


i312 Purchased

Hello, how do I get the questions sorted in descending or ascending order instead of random? How to change this parameter?

Sorry use the default configuration

After changing ad units in strings.xml file, the ads are not showing. How can I know if the problem is with admob or the app?

Hello. How can I disable “Share Now” button without errors that appears after completing a level? Thanks

Good. Please update to latest Graddle version. ? And can I add like category names in place of level

Please use latest goole admob SDK. I got a lot of errors

Hello sir, We updated the library functions of the app…Please check it out..Thanks

good afternoon. I bought the QuiziT app from you, how much will it cost to add an image to the question?

sorry not possible

Are you provide admin panel with this for manage quiz.

no….internal json formatted database…

Hi Team-Leo, love the simplicity of the app. in order to make it more useful to app user, will it be possible to show answer explanation (like an alert, diolog box or toast etc), to show why the response was wrong. Can you pls confirm if this customisation possible?

Also, a suggestion to make question, answer json file integrated with firebase DB, so that new questions can be added without releasing a play store update.


we noted brother..but have no plans for such modifications….thanks

There is no optimization for the tablet 1.Take advantage of extra screen area 2.Use assets designed for tablet screens

we noted…thanks for the suggestions

How many questions are there in each level?

it’s up to you…..

I do not mean questions inside the application I mean the application interface is it Arabic or remain English

you can use both language at the same time

hi, is it possible to add questions after publishing on google play?

no..needs to update the app

no..needs to update the app

Hi bud, can you add test mode in this app? Timer and normal mode. And maybe a ebook reference too

Sorry no possible form or end

i tried to change the image in this section but it wont display. “items”: [ { “question_category”: “1”, “category_name”: ” Practice Test ”, “category_img”: “” }, { “question_category”: “2”, “category_name”: “Practice Test”, “category_img”: “” },

my dropbox source is

what to do to change the image?

You used open…’s wrong format.

Correct format -

I want to buy your templat. I already download the demo and I like it. However, I want to know that : want to use the template to make a quiz app of 1000 quiz. Is it possible with off-line database ? And All of my question are in Bangla language. Do your template can be use with Bangla quiz? Please let me know.

Both are possible…thanks

need exam mode, only 10 questions out of all

I’m going to simplify it for you hare -

Go to res > layout any xml file and here you can resize any text.

For ex: to change questions, text size, open item_quiz.xml file and chnage the value of text view ‘answer_text’...thant’s it

Code snippet:

<TextView android:id=”@+id/answer_text” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:lineSpacingMultiplier=”1.1” android:padding=”@dimen/margin_10dp” android:textColor=”@color/black” android:textSize=”15sp” tools:text=”@string/quiz_prompt” />


please Add previous question button in app

i hope this link will work –

By default only five lives are available. How to increase number of life ?? I want to add 10 lives.

sorry brother,’s not that simple….we cam undertake this customization if you wish to pay a little…thanks.

hi Ioser-Ieo i buy your app but i have problem at firebase conncet can you help me inbox me at i want help me

Brother, firebase set-up is not that important for this app….You can skip this section in the technical doc..thanks.

Hi brother I want to add a second language, how can I do that? Give me a way!!

sorry brother, only one language for a single app…..

I just made a purchased. It runs smoothly in my android studio. Thanks a lot.

Just replied to your email….check it please.

i already sent a reply to your email. thank you

please check your email for my reply

Any admin panel app for uploading questions and answers to

No admin panel, brother. Rather offline internal database. Thanks.


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