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Nice! Good luck with Sales.


Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


is there any admin backend for uploading questions ?

No. This app only support in-device questions by using a local database. However it may be implemented an admin backend app in future releases.

i am waiting for it ,thanks

No problem.

IAP Working with Windows Phone ?

Quizionic only is supported in Android and IOS. However it doesn’t that any user adaptation can get it also working on Windows as there are plugins that may require some modifications. That could be also the case for IAP. I would suggest to consult the page of all plugins listed in Quizionic

Hello. How to manage the questions? and how to see the quiz results for all participants? is there any backend or only for local device usage?

Hi there is no backend service only in-device database. Questions must be loaded in database by using any SQLite tool like Navicat

Not added in this release.

Would you mind informing me when this supports json with backend

Sure. Please send to me an email to support@studiomob.ca so I can keep you up to date with features planned and dates.

Hello, how’s the procedure to add a new question? I would like to split the content, for free users and for premium users, is it possible?

Hi, questions go into SQL database file following a structure Exam, Category, Questions. Then Quizionic uses lock/unlock mechanisms to enabling content for free/paid users. This is all documented in provided PDF file of the Quizionic package. By using any SQLlite tool, you can edit (add/modify/delete) records for Exams, Categories and Questions and generate the type of content that you want to distribute in the app. Then, based on inapppurchase you can enable certain part of your content. That behavior is demonstrated in the code, where you can play with developer view switches to simulate the app running as free or paid users. In the same manner inapppurchase code is provided for real case scenario.

How to disable the Free and leave the Full version?

Hi ErvisGjeci,

You can force full version by calling this.dbService.setFullVersion(); as per developer.ts file. This will call the function located in providers/dbService.ts file and do the magic to put Quizionic as full version all the time.

I can not install it. Always comes the layout of the ionic blank. Please help

Hi, could you please send an email by detailing your steps, environment, any screenshot, versions of your ionic, cordova as well as plugins and/or any console log to support@studiomob.ca so I can review it and reply to you from there?

It’s installed. I would like to know if there is a possibility to change sqlite to a mysql or firebase to make a backend to add as questions

It’s possible but you have to rework the db-service.ts file and create all the backend stuff.If you don’t know how to do it, I can quote that service for you.

getting a blank starter page only

May you please send an email to support@studiomob.ca with a screeshot and console log so I can follow up from there?

Not work blank page

Hi. Could you please send an email to support@studiomob.ca with screenshot, console log and detail on where it’s failing and steps you did? Thanks

And please provide your purchase licence information in the email. Thanks

Amazing! Good sales for you



stianmo Purchased

Is it possible to build using Ionic Cloud?

I didn’t test it. Therefor I can’t tell you.

Hi, is it possible to customize quiz’s answer as we need to have input text and not multiple choices answers ? Thank you very much for your answer.

It’s possible but it’s not implemented yet. You can always modify it as per your needs. Otherwise I can provide you an estimation for such change. Drop me an email to support@studiomob.ca. I’m currently on vacation until Monday 27th

can we have sub levels/chapters of categorisation of the questions. And please integrate firebase as it brings many features into quizonic!

If you require specific features you may ask them by emailing to support@studiomob.ca and we can provide a quote.

Hi, Can you please tell me why do you use the “Cordova plugin dbcopy” ? Is that for modify the database more easily? Thank you!

It’s to properly copy the database from App www folder into the corresponding mobile Local Database/no backup folder of the device. You have to remember that browser as well as App runs on Sandboxes environments and therefore you are not allowed to access any data beyond that.

Hi StudioMob I need your help, when I execute ionic cordova build android—prod—release for create the APK for my release I got this error: “Error: Encountered undefined provider! Usually this means you have a circular dependencies (might be caused by using ‘barrel’ index.ts files.”. Thanks!

Did you try with Android Studio? I used to build and sign APK from there instead from Ionic CLI and it works fine.


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Why do I want my users to log in with Facebook and can I choose not to install the plugin, without it making any problems? Thanks.

Facebook login it has been added to quickly identify the end user and for those who wants to also offer other potential uses or tracking purposes (requiring additional coding). You can definitely proceed without the use of such feature by keeping it disable. If you avoid to install the plugin, you should carefully remove any dependency in the code as well as any invocation already made. Otherwise it will raise an error as plugin is missing.