Quizionic 2 - Ionic 3 Quiz App w/ SQLite, AdMob, In-App-Purchase, Facebook Login

Quizionic 2 - Ionic 3 Quiz App w/ SQLite, AdMob, In-App-Purchase, Facebook Login

More recent version 3.1.2 compatible with Ionic 3.9.2/Angular 5.0.0 – Click below image

quiz ionic

Overview version 2.8.0 – updated Aug 31th, 2017

quiz ionic

Quiz ionic2 is an App Template for Ionic 3.6.0 Framework for creating quizzes or eLearning Apps.

For Quizionic 3 version with Backend database support please click here.

Quiz ionic template has been built based on SEO Expert App developed and published by StudioMob that can be found in stores (Android/iOS) with the purpose of providing an eLearning and exam simulation tool for Google Analytics and AdWords certification. The SEO Expert App contains more than +750 questions. If you want to see it in action, here it is: SEO Expert App in Google Play Store also available for iOS in Apple Store here: SEO Expert App for iOS


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- Quizionic2 illustrates the use of pre populated SQLite database
- The storage of local properties (ex LocalStorage) with the use of SQLite kv table is also shown in the code
- The code shows how to integrate InAppPurchase for consumables and non-consumables
- Quizioinc2 shows how to use Chart2js library to represent charts in Ionic Apps
- Facebook login feature is now added in Quizionic2
- PIN unlock feature with backend service (MySQSL and PHP) - MultipleChoice selection in questions
- Google AdMob and Analytics are integrated and used by this template
- SCSS extensively used for customization of colour schemas as well as visual representation.
- Commented code easy to follow allows developers to incorporate extra plugins or features.
- PDF Manual for use and customization is provided as well as indications for installation and set-up

Version 2.8.0

-Added 2 new non-consumable products (Exam_x1, Exam_x3) in the code
-Now compatible with Chartjs 2.6 library. Minor issues fixed. Now chart is animated
-Revised and updated installation documentation

Version 2.7.1

-Updated to Ionic 3.6.0 Framework
-Updated to Cordova 7.0.1

Version 2.7.0

-Updated to Ionic 3.5.3 Framework
-Added PIN unlock functionality with backend server (MySQL and PHP)
-New installation procedure with npm install

Version 2.6.0

-Updated to Ionic 3.1.1 Framework

Version 2.5.0

-Updated to Ionic 3.1.0 Framework

Version 2.4.0

-Updated to Ionic 3.0.1 Framework

Version 2.3.0

-Now with Multiple Choice selection in questions

Version 2.2.0

-Now with login feature with Facebook plugin integration
-More options in developer page

Version 2.1.0

-Now compatible with Ionic2 release candidate version
-Minor issue fixed

Version 2.0.2

-Improved In-App-Purchase (consumable and non-consumable products)
-Now SVG animations supported as part of questions
-Now PNG images allowed also in answers
-Improved menu-management and features unlock
-Added developer page for in-device testing