Quiz ionic 2 - Ionic3 Quiz App w/ SQLite, AdMob, In-App-Purchase, Facebook Login

Quiz ionic 2 - Ionic3 Quiz App w/ SQLite, AdMob, In-App-Purchase, Facebook Login

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Overview version 2.3 – updated April 12th, 2017

Quiz ionic2 is an App Template for Ionic 2 Framework 100% functional for creating quizzes or eLearning Apps.

Quiz ionic template has been built based on SEO Expert App developed and published by StudioMob that can be found in stores (Android/iOS) with the purpose of providing an eLearning and exam simulation tool for Google Analytics and AdWords certification. The SEO Expert App contains more than +750 questions. If you want to see it in action, here it is: SEO Expert App in Google Play Store also available for iOS in Apple Store here: SEO Expert App for iOS


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- Quizionic2 illustrates the use of pre populated SQLite database
- The storage of local properties (ex LocalStorage) with the use of SQLite kv table is also shown in the code
- The code shows how to integrate InAppPurchase for consumables and non-consumables
- Quizioinc2 shows how to use Chart2js library to represent charts in Ionic Apps
- Facebook login feature is now added in Quizionic2
- MultipleChoice selection in questions
- Google AdMob and Analytics are integrated and used by this template
- SCSS extensively used for customization of colour schemas as well as visual representation.
- Commented code easy to follow allows developers to incorporate extra plugins or features.
- PDF Manual for use and customization is provided as well as indications for installation and set-up

Version 2.3.0

-Now with Multiple Choice selection in questions

Version 2.2.0

-Now with login feature with Facebook plugin integration
-More options in developer page

Version 2.1.0

-Now compatible with Ionic2 release candidate version
-Minor issue fixed

Version 2.0.2

-Improved In-App-Purchase (consumable and non-consumable products)
-Now SVG animations supported as part of questions
-Now PNG images allowed also in answers
-Improved menu-management and features unlock
-Added developer page for in-device testing