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Hello. Due to the Sanitizer and ng-html-binding i can’t seem to implement on click events to links like <a href="" onclick="cordova.InAppBrowser.open('http://www.google.com', '_blank', 'location=yes')">Google</a> onClick get’s ignored and as soon as there is a href=”#” it goes just to the start screen because of the ”#”.
Do you have any workaround for this EXCEPT having to change the ng-binding-html security? The same happens for videos implementing á la <video controls poster="img/poster.png"> <source ng-src="http://example.com/video1.mp4" type="video/mp4"/> </video> does not work. Tested on iPad mini. I researched and checked a lot material online but it won’t work when i want to use any of the above mentioned within a question. I have hundreds of questions in my DB and that all works fine now, thanx to you support via mail. But a lot of these questions have Links and / or videos. The links should just open in the cordova inAppBrowser (Like the web link in the about page e.g.) and the videos should just play inline. These are the last missing pieces for me. Thank you for any help.

Never mind. I solved it myself by 1st expanding the database and 2nd whitelisting the affected domains and strings so sanitizer / binding html won’t drop them in run time. Then set a new ng-show span based on the new database column and voila, you are able to include videos. Ng-show handles in this case if the code lock should be displayed at all. Is the field for video empty, it shows the default stuff. If there’s a string in the video field, it’ll show it. Tested on physical devices iOS and Android. Maybe this leads people facing a similar situation on to the right track ;-)

I was on vacation during a week sorry for my delay. Any way good to hear that you solved the issue. Thanks for the tip of videos

How to add html feature on the explanation section?

Explanation is built by using the ionic pop-alert element and therefore its template parameter (where the text or info for explanation is taken from database) may support html tags. Honestly I didn’t test it, but you may try it.

Hello studio mob, thanks for your help last time. I want to ask something, I just created a quiz with 200 questions for each exam type. When I tried it in ios emulator, there is nothing wrong. But when I tried it in real ios device, the app crashed and quit every time just after clicking the view results page. Is it related do device’s memory problem? since the device needs to load 200 questions and review. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi, I don’t think that a memory problem be the issue here. Have you made any profiling in Xcode with your device connected to see the logs and profiler report? Could you please provide those details by email to support@studiomob.ca?

Hello. Sometimes in App Questions doesen’t appear for a lot of loop and i get this error

ionic.bundle.js:26794 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Question’ of undefined at questionShow (question.js:187)

Is database properly loaded? Can you see at least the menu options?. If you’re not using latest version of Quizionic, please download it and start over. If you’re using the latest version, please confirm: - Which device is failing? Is the same behaviour under browser, ios or android? - How many questions are in the exam? Does it make the same behaviour when quantity of questions are less? I assume that all the questions required by the exam are Enabled and the minimum quantity required for that exam are available (Enabled). For your answers, please send an email to support@studiomob.ca so I can track it better with the email and reply to you with any file, if required.

Regards, Flavio

can I integrate this quiz app with another app <or it will be difficult

Well it depends on your ability to integrate it with the other app and what would be integrated. At least this app template offers a vast code that you can explore, analyze and reuse.

What is the recommended size for the image? So it won’t take many memories but still look good on both iOS or Android.

it all depends on how you configure your questions with images, will they be svg (vector) or bitmapped? if vector they won’t consume memory but processor to render the graphic, so in newer devices this won’t be an issue. For bitmapped, use JPG’s for photos and for anything large, and PNG’s for anything small and/or designed to be displayed “pixel perfect” (e.g. small icons) or as a part of a composited transparent overlay, etc. When using bitmapped images, you should also consider: RGB888 is you first choice if you don’t need transparency, not ARGB. Especially on a mobile device. It saves 25% memory as compared to ARGB. For instance, a ARGB 800×800 pixel images requires 4 * image dimension when RGB888 requires 3 * image dimension bytes in memory. Therefore, I would recommend to use Xcode profiling to see memory consumption when executing the app under iOS environment and Android Studio to do it for Android. So you can evaluate the way your app will response under such situation.

In addition, if your image file is suppose to be displayed as 100×100 pixels is preferable to have a 100×100 pixel image instead of 200×200 pixel image to be reduced to 50% when displaying it on device. But of course, you might request same image larger when displaying it on a large device’s screen. Your final number will depend on how many questions are loaded for each exam + how many of them contain images and if those images are bitmapped, then the size of each one. The questions are loaded into an array in memory at the moment of exam execution. Images are referred by their URL, either local or remote, so they are not stored in that array. But of course, they will consume memory for decompression and display.

Hello, will it work on ionic view using the SQLite ? Thank you

Hi. Certain plugins don’t work under ionic view. That’s the case of SQLite as well as InAppPurchase. So, definitely, if you wish to try it, you can grab a copy of Android version from Google Play Store.

Wow, @StudioMob… You are really a genius teacher. Your timely response to emails and detailed explanation to any question is simply the best i have seen. You are great man.


Sent you 2 messages via Gmail please check it out! Thank you!

Hi Mark, already replied the email a couple of hours ago.

Pre sale , i want to know if is was add the posibile to be multiple answers as correct , ex . A and C si correct and have the posibile to choose that 2 answers , i want to buit a app for driver licence but i dont want to be like A+C is the corect answer , the user to have the posibile to choose A and C as well. Thanks

Hey, don’t hesitate to drop me an email with your specific need. May be I can still help you.

Thanks for the help i have send an email . Good Job !

Perfect. Replied already from support@studiomob.ca

Pre sale question: I have a db of 20 questions in 5 categories total 100 questions. I want the user to take a quiz of 20 questions that are randomly selected every time he decides to take it. Will this app template do that?

Yes, that’s the way it works.Now, to randomly access 100 questions in a test, they must belong to same category. You can always create another test with other category and another 100 questions. The way it radomly select questions is between same category.

Just to let you know the structure.

An exam is composed of questions that belongs to a category. Therefore you can build 1 exam as practice (without timer, for instance) with 20 questions from category 1. Then you can build a second exam (2) as timed one (30minutes) with 50 questions from category 1.

In your database you have 100 questions related to category 1. That means, either the exam 1 or 2, will present 20 or 50 ramdomly selected questions from those 100 of category 1.

Hope it clarify your doubt.

Hello. Im just bought your template to do a quiz/test app. I downloaded it, and according to the manual the first thing i should do is to open the index.html file. I tried to do that but nothing happens. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to read the documentation. First there is a HTML file in Documentation folder to read where it indicates how to install properly all the files. Then you should read the PDF manual to know how to use the app and customize it. Remember that you should have all your required Ionic Framework environment to be properly configured in your system before to attempt to execute the template in your system. In addition, if you are going to test it locally in your machine under a web browser make sure that the data file is copied properly under Chrome/Safari document folders. This is also indicated in the provided documentation.

Make sure that all the required steps are done before attempting to test the app. Remember that application has to be started by invoking Ionic Run or Ionic Emulate command from Ionic CLI interface.


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any document for database update via web ?...same as you do :> var url = “http://studiomob.ca/quizionic/qdb/” + dbname;

This feature is only available in Quizionic 1 and provided explanation refers to Quizionic 1 version. The name of database in the server has to be called data2.db


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pls reply my email sir

Hi. Have you sent an email to support@studiomob.ca? If so, what’s your name? Otherwise may you explain what’s your request?

Hi are you able to add support for selection of multiple answers?

Absolutely, please send your request to support@studiomob.ca where we can discuss it in more detail.

Hi, Good application. i have few queries : 1. This app supports remote backend to add questions & categories without updating the app ? 2. Is it possible to add images to the Questions & in Answers also ? 3. I seen already categories are available, is it possible to add chapter-1, chapter-2, chapter-3, etc,,, in each category, like subsections or lists Thank You

Hi, Quizionic1 implements a way to remotely update complety the database file. What it does is under user action to download into the app a new database file which replace the existing one in device. This can be changed by you in the code to implement a code to do it without user intervention. In regards images, yes you can add them in questions. With easy change in the HTML code you may also add images in answers, but that last portion is not implemented. The database is structured in Exams, Categories and Questions. One Exams when scored may unlock another exam. If you wish to add another level, that implies changes at database level and code.

Hello. How can I run it using Visual Studio 2015?

If you meant to use the editor, yes you can. If you meant to compile the code for Windows, not sure. You should check if you have Node.js Ionic/Angular/Cordova framework downloaded and properly installed in your system to be invoked from VS2015. Any way, I use OSX so I don’t really know.

Hello First of all, sorry for my poor English I just purchased a few quizionic moments ago and I think I made a terrible mistake, really wanted to buy version 3. Could be the change performed by paying the difference?

Hola. Por algún problema que ahora mismo desconozco, no me permite comprar la versión 3. Si no te importa, olvida el refund solicitado, y disculpa por las molestias

Hola de nuevo. Se puede ejecutar quizionic con la ultima version de ionoc y cordova?

Te sugeriría comprar la versión 3 dado que es más reciente con las versiones de Ionic y Angular. Caso contrario tendrás que adaptar los cambios tu mismo. Puedes comprar la versión 3 desde otro sitio, como Sellfy. Puedes buscarlo y comprarlo desde allí. Y solicitar el refund aquí sin problemas.