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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you :) have a nice day !!!

Hello! i have a problem when i run the app, sql is configured as it should be, but this line: private var menuLink: String = ””; What php file do you mean?

Hi :) contact us by mail from PDF.

Mail sent

Check your mail we send you all information :)

Pre-sale question

Can i launch this app on app store and google play ? logos and images can be edit ? tested it ios 9.3.4 ?


This version is for App Store (any version): https://codecanyon.net/item/quiz-marathon-trivia-with-cms-ios/17520559?ref=INVEDION

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quiz-marathon-trivia-challenge/id1145361870
iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quiz-marathon-trivia-challenge/id1145364140

This version is for Google Play(any version): https://codecanyon.net/item/quiz-marathon-trivia-with-cms-android/17462350?ref=INVEDION


Yes all graphic element can be edit in Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate.In administration area you create your app content: categories and questions with answers.

Hi, we just released new free video tutorial:

Can we have video or images in the questions instead of jsut text?

Photo Quiz Engine for Android It is now available (ios also soon): https://codecanyon.net/item/photo-trivia-quiz-with-cms-android/17710608?ref=INVEDION
Hi, we just released new free video tutorial:

Xcode 7 support?

Hello check your inbox again :D

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question. I need RTL support? or is there any language file for translating to Arabic? Thanks

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION

Hi, we just released new free video tutorial:

Hi can you make some customizations ?

Hi, contact us by private message or mail(there is on main page of this product) and describe what you need.

Hi, we just released new free video tutorial:

Where are the images for the “rate”, “more app” buttons and other icons used within the app? I see the default and app icons in the app folder and the category images in the server folder. Trying to find the other images to send to reskinner. Thanks!

On video in first anser you have everything where and you just click on photo and “save as” on your disc :)

Ok there is no save as when clicking on image in animate. Either way, never mind, I’ll just purchase another quiz app. Thanks.

Contact with our support by mail from PDF then we send you screen where to click.

Provide a link to which .php file? You just say provide a link to the .php file. Do you mean the category.php or the tq.php? Or some other file. Instructions are: Finally, you need to provide link to the .php file ???

Ok just sent an email to support mail

Ok have category.php in .as file, run app and get error check internet.

Yet can press more app and app store with no problem and they work.

We got your mail but we live in a different time zone so sometimes you have to wait few hours :) Check your mail and all support by mail only :)

Do I need to create 2 different apps on iTunes? 1 for iPad and 1 for iPhone and modify both the ipad and iphone quiz apps? If I want to have both an ipad and iphone version on iTunes?

Yes you create 2 apps one for iPhone and one for iPad (you have version for iPhone & iPad) after then we would be grateful if you put your opinion/star review about this product that you bought on the http://codecanyon.net in your download area.

Soon as I can get it working on my device, I’ll leave a review. And purchase the Android version. But my Adobe Animate trial is almost over…

If you do everything correctly, the application will work since it passed full certification in the App Store = it was tested by Apple Team :)

Hi, is there game center in this application ? If no, can you make this customize ?

Hi :) no maybe in the future will appear in an update for now you only as is :)

Hello ,

Which php is supported 5.4 i got in my localhost error

query("SELECT * FROM iqm_admin WHERE name ='$login' and pass = sha1('$pass') "); if (!$sl) echo 'Login failed'; if ($sl->num_rows>0) $_SESSION['authorization_admin_iqm'] = $login; else{ ?>

and on online server a lot of errors


sent please check…


still no answer on my email

Mail was send to you. You don’t have to write here that you send mail. We always answer :)