Quiz Marathon Trivia With CMS - iOS

Quiz Marathon Trivia With CMS - iOS

Quiz Marathon Trivia With CMS - iOS - 1 Quiz Marathon Trivia With CMS - iOS - 2

Full HD app presentation:

Step by step video tutorial how to setup everything or do the reskin:


Xclusive Limited Gift

  • Beautiful and clean UI (all assets included),
  • Easy to reskin,
  • Fully scalable content,
  • 2×2 versions (one with ads, the other without them) for iPhone and iPad
  • Supported ad providers include AdMob and Chartboost (supported ad formats: banner, app wall, interstitial),
  • Content Mangement System – PHP and MySQL (Live Updates – add new categories and questions whenever you like),
  • User stats (total score, highest points per run, total corrent and wrong ansers),
  • Achievements – collect points to rank up and unlock a new badge,
  • Fight against the clock (the faster you are, the more points you get),
  • Unlimited amount of categories (add as much content as you like),
  • Set the amount of questions users need to answer per run,
  • Easily reusable to create numerous thematic apps,
  • Question length is 123 letters and answer length is 90 letters maximally,
  • Support any language,
  • Step by step guide for beginners,
  • Platform: iOS,
  • App engine: AIR, Flash or Animate,
  • CMS engine: PHP, jQuery, CSS, JS, & MySQL. Mobile friendly with support for all types of browsers.

Android version: