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I want to buy, but need to ask if its possible for you to develop this on ionic

Hello, I would like to know how much it costs for customizing the logo and installation of the app and CMS? Thanks

Please add me on Skype rupenm for this .

In reference to “Thats not a bug you have to disable auto highlight option from cms . This app can be used as polls as well hence this feature is given in cms .” It doesnt add points.

Please add me on skype : rupenm and i will explain you what’s wrong.

hi, - can I add question by my self? and is there any web platform? - is it multi-languages? - can you send full documentation for deep customization? - can I link this app to an existing web quizz?

yes you can add question yourself , CMS link in description , Yes it can support any language we tested it for RTL and many clients are using as well . There is a self explanatory document but we cannot guarentee that it will be enough for deep customizations , for further clarification you can reach me on skype : rupenm

Any thing ?

use android studio?

It can run on any IDE

the app running in firefox, not in chrome…

but sir this is ios and andriod app please run in device .

1. Sir i have complete setup for back end

2.have complete compiling app in android

My question 1.which file i can edit to resolve application to back end

Allready found the solution

I hope every thing is ok now . Feel free to talk to me on skype: rupenm for any queries or clarification .

hello sir, very good app…I have one query can you please answer it..

1) can we add images to question and answer choices.

2) if question are big like 150 words and choices are also have big text like 30 words each…then it slides vertically or not??


1. Images can be added to question also you can add youtube video to question , In answer you can only add plain text .

2. There is no slidign feature at the moment .

We can implement if you want as part of customization at good price.

Hi, so update for a while, but the script is fully working in iOS 9 and 10?

Since its done with Titanium and which ever project we did with titanium is been found working so far .

It must be a good script since there has been no need for updates … Will be a good consideration for our up coming project.

Ok it’s up now .

why the image robust admin panel and your cms live website different ?

They are just stickers

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Adding the ADMOB: Is it Free or charged ? Is the integrating of the ADMOB straight forward ? Presale Question

Admob is not integrated currently you can do that as we sell with full code .

I don’t understand the titanium built part…? that means there are no Xcode and Android Studio project files?

titanium is currently know as appaccelerator studio , It was free initially but now its paid ( you get free lieasence from developers ) . You can modify in the studio and compile for ios and andriod . The best part is that it geenrates native code .

your cms demo not working

nice work. how much to customize and install?

Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : rupen@techintegrity.in

Not working on adnroid 4.1. Application hangs. Loading image is moving constantly. Do not know about iPad.Wanted to check on my iPad .Link of ipad will be greate.

Please add me on skype and i will give you demo on video call , our server is down we can locally get this sorted for you .

Thanks.Give your sype id.We will contact you after 9pm IST

rupenm ( Bangalore )

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