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have downloaded demo apk. unable to register. is this support image ?

I can demo this locally . Please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore )

cannot find your id. anyway Can this app insert image under question and answer ?

hi is this working for latests android/ios ?Thanks

backend is not working right now someway to test?

please add me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) for demo which is hosted on localhost

Is this multiplayer

Android Studio Support?

Please contact me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email : for more details

nice app…but demo not keeping saying no network…for login, register.. cant have access to the main app…so am worry to buy

Please contact me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email : for more details

support RTL ? arabic language ?

Please contact me on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore) or email : for more details


May I please ask where can I find the documentation on how to set this up? I saw the Document & Read Me folder but it on has the Introduction, Features and What this package includes but no documentation on how to set it up.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Glenn

Hi mate,

Any update please?

Sorry… There are the license details. The files have already been uploaded to my server. Create the database and import the sql file. Modification to is done. Now … what is the root directory? The one that has get_login.php? Or is / cms? I do not get any errors, only blank pages. If you want to try it, the domain is Where Is the doc file with the instructions?

Sorry by muy mistake in the other post…

Thank you very much!

Hi again. I need some help. Im stuck trying to install the cms. Where is the doc file with help to install? The cms needs PHP 5 ?

Hi, How much for paid support for reskining this app and / or also deployment of this App in my server?

Thank you,

contact us on skype : rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : for more details .

Any thing for me ?

Hello! I have this error in the cms/index.php. Could you give me some help?

E_WARNING Error in file »connect.php« at line 3: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/monocool/public_html/cms/index.php:2) E_ERROR Error in file »« at line 15: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

you have to enable short tags

Can I build the build with the free version of Titanium? Do you have manual explaining the whole procedure of how to generate the final files for Android and IOS?

can you add these functions to this app

1 Social media authorization 2 Messaging 3 Multiplayer mode

For customisation please contact me on skype: rupenm ( Bangalore ) or email : .

I have 2 questions: 1) Can users get feedback from each question as to why they got the question wrong and can they review the exam questions when they finish? 2) can useres generate quizes with random questions from a local database based on each category?

1. As of now no . 2. currently from backend they can generate the quiz and they are coming randomly .

Buenas tardes, como tengo acceso al demo de la app?

You call me on WhatsApp, can I host this app strictly on a web server with it Php and mysql database