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I like “Quiz Goose Science” and I am interested to buy it but I need some more features on it. Please let me know if you can do this, time needed and cost. 1) Send invitations to play with a specific user (ex send email). So probably custom game id in database. I want something like “challenge a friend” or “play alone” mode. 2) Many different quizzes for users to play. They can select which one they want to challenge a friend or play alone. 3) One user can play many games at the same time with different users or alone. He/she can have a leaderboard to recognize the status of easy game (ex which user turn is to answer for each game – like quizdom) 4) Seperate questions in categories and each quiz has different questions (random selected). User can select which quiz wants to play. We want to create our question bank 5) 100% web app (not android/ios) but with responsive design 6) Keep records/stats in Database like who won a game, number of wins/loses, quiz score etc

I could’t see your demo and I read only your description.

Actually, we need a multiplayer and real time quiz-challenge game, like quizdom app, but as a web site (not mobile app) to embed it in our website.

the demo is available here:
the features you request need a lot of work, if you write me privately I will make a quote.

best regards


How can I modify the font color? I would like to change the robot font:

Best regards

do you wish to change the robot’s font but don’t the player’s font?

That’s it. I want to change the Robot’s font color to white. We have tried to change it using the data/quizdb/prefs.json but it isn’t configurable. That is the reason I contact you…

I hope your answer,


open the file js/game.js and search for the string
third value is the color of the first CPU player, fourth value is the second CPU player’s color and fifth value is the third CPU player’s color

Hi, We are facing some issue in the Quiz Goose game that we have purchased. - When the character lands on tile 55, it freezes. a) is this an issue? how do we resolve this? b) to replicate this, can we in any way land on tile 55 & test this situation?

- The dice does not function consistently. It randomly does not work…

We have faced this issue on two browsers, Mozilla firefox 48.0 and IE 11.0.9600.18378

Please let me us know a resolution on these issues ASAP.

hello, we made some tests and we can’t replicate behavior you described, however we will do more test and will continue investigation.
As for replicate the error on tile 55, on Firefox you can do so: start a new game, for example 2 player/one human, roll the dice one time and make the cpu makes his move, then back to home. press shift+F9 so to open the storage inspector, click local storage and the url of the game, change the values of array, for example to [null,52,52,0,0] or so. At this point reload the game page and press play button, when the game asks you resume last play, your player and the cpu player are set at tile 52, so there are good chances one player will land on tile 55. the game saves player position at the end of the turn, so, if you exit before the player stops you can restart the play and try to land on the tile 55 again. Hope it makes sense for you.

hi thanks for the great game, i want to change the text direction of the game like <body dir=”rtl”> etc. how and where can i do it?

Hi, thank you very much.
Have you tried simply copying r2l strings into the locale file? for example take the en.json inside the locale folder and substitute English words with the language you need, the direction should be kept

hi, thanks i will try another thing: .is the game not supported on mobile device?


it run fine on all mobile devices we tested on, it is not responsive, the game board is scaled down to the device screen size, so, it best fits tablets than phones

Hello, how to make game on 16:9 not in 4:3 because i need full screen mode and now at corner is black

what you wish is possible but not so easy.
You could simply put the game inside an iframe with some nice graphic on both sides.


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Hi, is it possible to see how computer is responding on the answers? To see the whole box with the answers, timer?

my purchase code is: 637e79b4-f6ab-4fca-bad8-76e4e082c51a

sorry this functionality is not foreseen, we chose to not show the computer’s answers so as not to waste them because they are a usually in limited number

Can we customize total number of questions to be less

There are 52 questions stored inside the file
you can just edit such file.


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I have changed the CPU names, however when a CPU wins the previous name appeared.

For example I changed the names to Claire, Hannah and Will.

But when Claire won the game it said “the winner is… Arbegas”

have you changed names inside prefs.json at line 102? if you see the right name during the game you should dee the same name in case it wins.

i need add box after question, with answer text. how can i add? i will pay for you

Hi, can you draw a sketch of the layout you need?

it’s the same like question box, but without answer block, only picture ant text after question, cause we need to show after question correct answer

ok, please contact us directly, you can use the form from this page


we just bought your game (from another account) and I have some questions I hope you can help me:

1. Can we remove the More Games Button?

2.In our case, there will be only two player Human and PC, so can we remove the option for selecting more than that? Or maybe block the other buttons?

Thank in advance.

1. This is easy. From folder data/screen open the home_lboard.json file (or home.json file if you are not using leaderboard) with Tiled editor and remove but_link placeholder from the screen.
2. From data/screen open the howmanyplayers.json and remove the placeholders for humans and CPU players from the screen, keep only but_gohome and but_continue. this way the player have no choice on this screen. you may use this screen for writing some message to the player before the game starts.