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I like “Quiz Goose Science” and I am interested to buy it but I need some more features on it. Please let me know if you can do this, time needed and cost. 1) Send invitations to play with a specific user (ex send email). So probably custom game id in database. I want something like “challenge a friend” or “play alone” mode. 2) Many different quizzes for users to play. They can select which one they want to challenge a friend or play alone. 3) One user can play many games at the same time with different users or alone. He/she can have a leaderboard to recognize the status of easy game (ex which user turn is to answer for each game – like quizdom) 4) Seperate questions in categories and each quiz has different questions (random selected). User can select which quiz wants to play. We want to create our question bank 5) 100% web app (not android/ios) but with responsive design 6) Keep records/stats in Database like who won a game, number of wins/loses, quiz score etc

I could’t see your demo and I read only your description.

Actually, we need a multiplayer and real time quiz-challenge game, like quizdom app, but as a web site (not mobile app) to embed it in our website.

the demo is available here:
the features you request need a lot of work, if you write me privately I will make a quote.

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How can I modify the font color? I would like to change the robot font:

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do you wish to change the robot’s font but don’t the player’s font?

That’s it. I want to change the Robot’s font color to white. We have tried to change it using the data/quizdb/prefs.json but it isn’t configurable. That is the reason I contact you…

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open the file js/game.js and search for the string
third value is the color of the first CPU player, fourth value is the second CPU player’s color and fifth value is the third CPU player’s color