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can i make a question that have more then 1 answer right ..maybe 2 or 3 or 4 !

Hello sir. Sorry no this quiz is only for 1 answer

The demo on my LG G3 does not work well.. The half screen isnt visible.

Hello sir. Check the new update of demo apk, if you have same problem please send me a screenshoot of problem.

demo not working

Check now sir.

good work, awesome ! :) all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks sir.

it is support rtl langues ??

Hello sir. You can make which language you want.

How do we add the questions? Do not have any cms or panel?

Will we update the app whenever we want to add new questions? If so, why is this application offline?

Hello sir. You can add question from the app no need any cms or panel. Yes you have do update the app whenever you add new questions. Because is all free sir you need just to buy the app and more money for any cms or panel. Thank you.

Are all the levels available from the start or I can make that for example you have to answer 8 out of 10 questions right to unlock next level?

Hello sir. No is all levels available from the start example level 1 you can make Sport, level 2 Math, or level 3 Music.

Can I change level name For Example: Level1=Test1

Hello sir. Yes you can change what you want from Level1 can you make Test1 or anything.

Hello sir. I want to correct answer 1 of 10 questions! But I didn’t change. How to change correct answer 1 of 10 questions!(Doğru cevap 10, Soru sayısı 10) Can you help me!

Hello sir look in your Answer script and find where is correct answer 1 of 10 questions and change,

Hello sir Thanks for your answer. I have one more question. I want to add picture instead of the written answer choices. Is it possible to do it ? If it is, please help me.

in answer coloms

just answer d

No sir you can’t add a pictures sorry.

Hello Sir I finished my project. But I didn’t understant Admob scirpt! Can you help me!

Hello sir just replace the admob banner id and admob interstital id and save, that is all.


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Hi @Toniapps :grin:

There are two questions with me:

1/Why Exit button doesn’t work?


2/Can I build an app for iOS?

Thank you


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Yes, now it works 100%.


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Thank you very much, sir.

I’m so happy sir to help you.

Hello sir, I downloaded the project. But the project is not working on my computer. Why? The console says: Google.JarResolver.ResolutionException: Cannot find candidate artifact for com.google.android.gms:play-services-ads-lite:[11.0.1] Removing Assets/Sprites/Button_33.png because the asset does not exist Removing Assets/Sprites/Window_02.png because the asset does not exist Removing Assets/Sprites/Window_18.png because the asset does not exist Failed to unload ‘ProjectSettings/UnityAdsSettings.asset’

Note: I am using Unity 5.6.1. and mac

Hello sir; It will your project ofline working. Is it possible to make it online? Could you check one?

Hello sir this this project is only offline.