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Is this an online quiz or not? No need for PHP admin setup?

It’s not an online quiz and it doesn’t need PHP admin setup. All you have to do is to open the .json file and add new questions.

There is a video tutorial series included with the game which explains everything about that process.

It gets lots of errors after converting to xcode 7, and it crashes after trying to select the category for the questions

Please help thanks

Please use Xcode 6.X until the game is updated to Xcode 7.X

Hi, we need a quiz app customized, how can talk about this?

Hello. Yes, please contact me through email. It’s available on my profile page.

Hello, will this work on Xcode 7? and on iOS 9?

when will this app be updated to Xcode 7? I’m getting errors and can’t use the code. If you don’t plan on updating it can i get my money refunded?

Use an older version of Xcode, compile and upload to the App Store.

Xcode 7 version won’t be coming any time soon.

Is their control panel for that

No, but you can add new questions very easily.

thanks , when the answer is wrong does the app mention the correct answer as I want to use it for educational purposes

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)


Is this game built using UIKit or SpriteKit? Also, would I need apple developer account to run it? I dont have apple developer account and need the game for educational purposes. thanks.

Hello. You must register for Apple Developer membership in order to be able to publish games to App Store.

would you please update the code with latest swift 3? there are so many error…

update with latest swift 4?

Sorry but this will not be updated to Swift 4.