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Hi Mardox
How do we add questions and image, are questions and images in local .db or with web admin panel on remote server?
Is vertical and horizontal views, or only vertical?
Admob banner or interstitial ads?
Can we use source with eclipse or only AndroidStudio?

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for the comment. You just name the file and include it in the app and it automatically creates the quizzes. No data base or back end is needed. The portrait and landscape are both supported. Admit Interstitial is currently implemented. Adding banners would be very easy but interstitials alone have generated a better results for me personally. The source is build on Android Studio. Eclipse is no longer supported. Thanks

Thanks for answers, for now, I add this to my favorites.

This looks very nice, but I have the same questions as the user above. I’m wondering if the images, questions, pages, etc.. is hosted native or if it’s hosted on a server.

Also, any chance there is a demo apk?

Hi, thanks for the comment. The images are included in the App. No back-end is required. You just name the file and include it in the app and it automatically creates the quizzes.

Hi Mardox,

Can you make a apk available for trying out before licensing the code?


Hi, just added the demo APK to the listing. Thanks!

any demo apk?

Hi, Thanks for the comment, just added the demo api to the listing.

Is data is in jason files ? Locally ?

Hi, to build a quiz all you need to do is to name images and put them in a specific folder. The app builds the quiz automatically.

Hello, good app thanks. Will you add share button to app? (Social network sharing)

And one more problem. When i try to rotate my phone app restarts.

Will consider the share feature for the future updates. The rotation should work fine, maybe there is something wrong with the version of Android which you are running on your phone. I suggest turning the auto rotate off in the manifest. (plenty of instruction on how to do it on stack overflow). Also sorry for the late response for some reason I didn’t see these messages. Thanks

demo apk give error on install parsing package error

why i copy folder Quizapp then open with andriod studio it has error

Error:(47, 21) No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:actionModeShareDrawable’. Error:(47, 21) No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:actionModeShareDrawable’. Error:(47, 21) No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:actionModeShareDrawable’. Error:(47, 21) No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:actionModeShareDrawable’.

HI Mardox i have a problem running the app that i buyed on the android studio y send an attach file to the support ticket form on your web site. Thanks

Hi bro,

Do you have iOS version ?

salam agha hooman ye soal dashtam ? alan man faghat be andazeye hamin axaye nemunei ke gozashti mitunam soal bezaram ya bishtar ? va inke matne soal haro cheshekli benvisam manke hich jayi dakhele koda peyda nakardam

Hello, I am getting all these errors when opening with Android Studio. Here is a link to a screenshot – http://jennidear.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Screen-Shot-2015-10-24-at-5.05.59-PM1.png

Hello. I’ve been looking for an APP just like yours, but I need to ask some questions before buy it: Is it possible to add short videos (instead of images) in some questions? Can I use an external server to update the app (instead of editing it everytime with android studio), what about rankings. is that available in the app?


I’d like to buy, but it seems abandoned.

Hello, As I see every question has a countdown timer which is reseting the quiz. That option is changable. Infact what I need is not a countdown timer of each question. A total countdown. I mean A test will have 20 questions, so countdown timer is 40 minutes total for 20 questions. When the 40 minutes end, app will go to result If the tester is at 16th question. remained 4 question will be accepted empty. Is it possible to add that function?

can you give me a video tutorial how i can edit the picture and the question …

hey there!

im just starting in this app stuff, só i dont know android code certo well, só i wanted tô make u some qestions:

1-) is it easy tô edit? do i do this in android studio or should i just replace files in the folder?

2-) does it comes with some tutorial, video, etc? (for editing)

3-) can i use google admob with this?

4-) can i update tô my android account?

5-) thanks.

gi there!

1-) how u add question? is it on a texto file, like json, or i have tô use a server? 2-) can i change all things like imagens colors etc? 3-) does it come with tutorial? 4-) does it suport google admob? 5-) do u give assistence if needed?


do you still support this product bro ?

Hi can you please tell me how to add time and plz send me video tutorials