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How do you install Quicktick?

Unzip the contents of Quicktick to your web domain, then visit install.php. For example, if you unzip the contents to then simply navigate to From there you will be walked-through how to install it.

How do you update Quicktick?

1. Make a backup of your Quicktick installation as well as of your database in case something goes wrong.

2. Unzip the contents (and overwrite current files/merge so no files are deleted, just replaced) of the most recent version of Quicktick to the folder it is installed.

3. Navigate to

4. Run the installation.

5. Delete install.php and update.php

(Optional if updated before Version 2.0) Delete previous PHPMailer class, as now Swiftmailer has been integrated. (Files to delete, within the inc/ folder: class.phpmailer.php, class.pop3.php, class.smtp.php).

If I already purchased, do I get updates in the future?

Yes, you get unlimited updates to every future version of Quicktick available on, or any other Envato site. When an update is released, simply go to your MY ACCOUNT > DOWNLOADS section and re-download Quicktick.

How do I remove the inspirational quotes on the left hand side?

On line 400 of inc/ change:
$ran = rand(1,5);
$ran = 0;

How do I style the table-listing of the Tickets?

If you look at the Source of the View All Tickets or Assigned Tickets page, you will notice that Quicktick automatically creates CSS classes corresponding to the names of departments, priorities, and statuses.
 <td style="text-align:center;"><a href="tickets.php?id=683">#000683</a></td> 
 <td>Tommy Myron</td> 
 <td>Testing Subject Here...</td> 
 <td>4 days ago</td> 
 <td>3 days ago</td> 
 <td class="priority-info-only"><span>Info Only</span></td> 
 <td class="status-open"><span>Open</span></td> 
 <td class="department-web-content"><span>Web Content</span></td> 

Therefor, you can add styles to these specific table cells in order to colorize them. For example, the below code colorizes the Status cell for any ticket that is ‘Open’.

.status-open {
font-weight: bold;
background: #fac7c7 !important;
color: #3D0707;

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