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I have successfully integrated your code into ionic. The only component that is not working is the matching question. Whenever a button is clicked the button color dont change and matching cannot be done.

I suspect it is due to ng-app=”quickquiz” (in your code) compared to ionic which is set to ng-app=”starter”

Pls advise

Hi. I’ve never worked with Ionic, so I’m not sure. If it was a problem due to the ng-app name the app would not work at all.

You can try changing some advanced options for the matching questions: For example, “borderColor”: false, or “choicesType”: “select”.


pls advise what is the use libs.min.js. Is it already part of angular-material.

Hi, Here you can see all the libraries that use: . This file contain a lot of libraries (angular, angular material, angular route, videogular, etc.)


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When answer/choices consist of images – in my case they are very small – is there anyway of controlling the max size on the score page? On larger screens they scale upwards and become a bit blurred.

(I don’t mean the side image, it fit very nicely)

Hi, in the quizckquiz.css file, change the value:
#quickquiz .score-questions img {
    width: 40%;

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Yes, it works. Thanks. Affects all images on the score page, but it looks OK now.

Is there an option to prohibit users from refreshing the page while taking the quiz?..And is there an option to jump to a specific question numbers?..If not how can i make a button that will jumped to the first question of the quiz?

I have done your code, the problem is the timer on the quiz is stopping when the jump button is implemented.

The timer is a very simple feature and it’s not intended for jumps or refresh.



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I can change personality message on config.json but cant see score page i need help about that:/

Hi! Please, send me your files at and explain your problem.

can we get multiple answer on the personality quiz ?

Hi! yes, you can use multiple answer