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I’ve changed one AsideImage in questions.json, but my browser insist to show the old image, even when I force page reload. The old image is still shown if I rename the Image-folder altogether.

Is there a way to disable the cache in your quiz?


The cache problem concerns to your browser or your server rather than the quiz. Maybe you can add a pseudo-random parameter to the URL:

Got it, Thanks


I need to save quiz results to a .txt file. I know you’ve added MySQL option in Builder, but I can’t use it because DB access outside my CMS Framework is not allowed (nor safe).

Can you please suggest a way to get the results in a text file or JSON instead? (I can use AJAX to save on server)

Thanks Alex

I don’t know how to do it. You can search in the quickquiz.js the section /* SEND TO A DATABASE */ I send to the database an object (data: this.sendObj) that maybe you can use for your text file.

OK, I’ll try that, thanks.


I’m looking into data.js and it looks like config + questions (json).

If I run a new quiz, is’t ok if I change only questions.json ? (using the same config.json)


Yes, of course, you can use the same config and change the questions.json. The data.js is just for use the quiz without a web server, but I recommend using instead config.json and questions.json. It’s easier to manipulate.



Apologies for troubling you with multiple requests.

I wanted to save scorePercentageRounded to score.html template. I’ve added a simple DIV at line 18 to process it with AJAX, but I’m not getting it on the page-source, do you know why?

I tried to print some:

my text

but that also doesn’t show up when I reach the end of the quiz…

Thanks for your help..

It’s a cache problem. I’ve tried it right now and it works fine. When I changed the server (first with mamp, after with fenix web server), I could see the changes.

(Sorry for the delay in the answer but it was first weekend and then new year. Happy new year!)

OK, if data: this.sendObj works, I’ll use that instead. Thank you, and Happy new Year.


I’m working with score.html, in the area where you added the comment ”<!- Write here your custom HTML score description ->”

I’ve imported jquery as usual from google , then I added inside a <script> tag, a simple alert(‘hello’); but it doesn’t fire.

The page looks pretty clean, and I get the Summary Result at the end of the quiz, but it seems nothing is executed inside the <script> tags, and I cannot run any JS code (which is bad).

Do you have a any clue please?



Thanks for your feedback. I’m trying to figure out how to resolve this. I know AJAX with JQuery, but unfortunately I don’t know Angular.

Is there a way to do an AJAX call from score.html? You save data to the DOM as I do …data-quizresult() but I’m unable to store this data somewhere else so that I can use it, nor to make an AJAX call. Can I use AJAX with JQlite instead?

I run your quiz from an iFrame (doesn’t work otherwise in my CMS), and score.html is loaded dynamically so I can’t use AJAX from the starting page (because it will change).

Pretty simple but apparently not too easy to fix

Please share some clue.

Many thanks !


It has been a long journey (and a pain..), but finally , I got my data in parent.document , available in the iFrame. JQuery was working , but only in the iFrame.

FYI: I read many posts last night. Nothing worked since JQuery “parent.document” is disabled in Angular. (only works in the same scope). window.opener.angular.element.. // didn’t work window.parent.document.getElementById .. // didn’t work

In case you’re interested to know how I fixed, please deposit $10k in Bitcoin :)

I’m joking!! Here is the solution that worked for me: HTML 5 -> sessionStorage Save your data in the parent.document, and then retrieve it in the iFrame. Why iFrames? Because Angular templates doesn’t work when integrated in my CMS. (based on its own framework)

Have a nice day

Thanks Alex

p.s. Bitcoin is on the edge again, which is good !

Glad you’ve found a solution. Thanks for sharing your fix, my application was not designed to work inside a CMS.


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turkish character language problem?

There should be no problem with the Turkish characters. If there is a problem with the characters in the builder, you can try to manually modify the characters in the generated json files.


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How to change button color if click wrong answer.. wrong answer click color red fight answer green..

This option is not supported. Nevertheless, maybe the feedback option can be useful for you. You can choose to show directly a feedback text when the user answer (under the choices). Select feedback type: right/wrong and feedback class: show the feedback text directly

Hola ILM, estoy necesitando hacer un test estilo personalidad, con 3 preguntas con 3 checkboxes como opciones de respuesta, pero necesito que esas 3 opciones sean mostradas de forma aleatoria de un conjunto de 9 opciones para cada pregunta. No veo que esa opción esté incluída. Estarías disponible para presupuestarme esa customización? Desde ya muchas gracias!

Hola! Desde hace un tiempo no hago customizaciones de esta aplicación porque estoy trabajando a tiempo completo en otros proyectos. Saludos.

3 Quick Questions. 1. I assume this can have results based on the questions answered correctly? ie. they answer 10 out of 10, the result would say, “You’re Awesome”, or 5 out of 10 you can say, “You need more work” or something like that?

2. Can the results be emailed to me – and for not logged users if they supply their email? Results being the actual number they got right AND the “You’re Awesome” part.

3. Can I force them to have to give me their email for the quiz to work?


1. Yes, this type of feedback is easily configurable.

2. You have the option to send the results to a database or simply show the results on the screen, but there is no sending by email.

3. It could be achieved if you treat the email as a short answer question, hide the navigation and you go to the next question when answering a question (all available options). Anyway, it is not a secure system in that sense, because changing the URL route could access other pages of the test.

Hi, I have a presale QA: Is it possible to have a high score list (for example 10 highest with username)? If not, is it possible in future update?

// :-)

Hi. You can save the score on a MySQL database. When the user submits the quiz you can go any URL you want. In this example I show the last entries when the user submits the survey. You need a PHP script that shows the highest score instead of the last entries. Try to google “php highest score” or something like that.

Hi, I would like to check if you have randomize questions and options feature?

There is an option called random that shows the answer choices (or rows if it’s a matrix question) in random order. So you can random the answer choices but not the questions itself.


I have created a quiz with 12 pages, in every page I have 4 questions.

Is it possible to select the number of the page I want to go and ONLY response the 4 questions of this page and go to score page of this 4 questions?


Hi. There are two ways to achieve it.

First way (the easiest): Create different folders for each quiz, containing all the quiz folders but only the 4 questions you want. In this way, you have different URL for each quiz, and you don’t need to edit any code.

Second way: Edit js/quickquiz.js file. Change this line: $location.path(this.currentPage + 1);

For this one: $location.path("score");

The URL for each page is different (end as #/1, #/2 … ), so you can go to the page you want.

But you want to show in your score the data you want, not all quiz, and it can be a little tricky. You can select to show only the data you need and maybe edit the template (templates/score.html ).

ok thanks

Does Builder support latex math expressions throught mathjax ?

Hi. No, the builder doesn’t support it.