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Hi First, your application is really awesome, I love it I’m so glad I bought it, but there’s a few things I want to be helping you;

This Android application I’m using it as, but what I want directly pass to the next question when it is selected any favorites, so I don’t want to be pressed for the Next button from the bottom.

Thank you

Hi! In the settings page, select “auto advance”, or in your config.json change “autoAdvance”: false to “autoAdvance”: true

I forgot to let you know that if you also want to hide the navigation buttons, “hidePageButtons”: true (only if you also select “autoAdvance”: true)

Thank You

Can you program an optin at the end of teh quiz before they get results?

Is it possible to have them to sign up to your email list before they get the results

Is it possible to have them to sign up to your email list before they get the results

Hi! Yes, you can show the submit button after the last question, and show the form also on the last page, after the last question (or in the home page if you prefer). And there is an option to after sending go to the score page. See this section on the documentation:


mizrah Purchased


I am having trouble connecting to mySQL server, followed your instructions, but at the end of the quiz, when the submit button is pressed I get an error!

Sorry, there has been an error!

^ doesnt help much that

please help



In the file sendMySQL.php, is $servername = “localhost”? Do you have quiz and database on the same server?


Did you create a dynamic exam?

No, there is not, sorry.

Thank you. I watched videos Can we add multiple exams?

You can create all separated exams you want. But each exam should be in his own page. If you are asking about license,you need a license for each single application. There are some situations where we consider a series of related uses to be a single application (multiple test for a subject, for example).

First, thanks for the fantastic app! I hope you can help me.

I have a weighted, matrix radio quiz, with 10 questions. I want the maximum score to be 4.0 (like a grade point average at a university), so I enter these values for the five possible answers to each question:

Never = 0 Seldom = 0.1 Sometimes = 0.2 Often = 0.3 Always = 0.4

If I answer “Seldom” to every question, then I expect to see Points Scored = 1

However, instead I am getting Points Scored = 0.9999999999999999

It seems as when I only have a few questions, then I get the expected result, but not consistently.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Please advise, thanks!

Hi! JavaScript treats decimals as floating point numbers, which means operations like addition might be subject to rounding error. See this link .

One solution can be use integers for each option (0,1,2,3 and 4), and in the score page, show the score divided by 10 {{score.quizScore.scorePointsRounded/10}}

Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed. One more question, please, if I may: I have configured my quiz to send both score and answers to the database, but when I inspect the table, I only see score; the answer columns are empty. Please advise, thanks again!

Hi! Please send me your config,json and your questions.json files to ? Tomorrow I will try to find out why are not properly saved the answers.

Hi there,

I just bought this. How can I add a link to the result image in Personality Quiz. Like in your example I got a cat. I want to add a link to that cat image and other results. How can I do that?

My bad. This actually works! Thanks for the code! Great support! :)

Do you have a preload property? I want to preload the other quiz images while I’m on the first question

No, sorry, there is not a preload property.

Instead of just “cat”, I’d like to add some more pics, links, basic lists, etc. is it possible to use html in the messages for each personality?

Hi, yes, you can add some basic HTML, like lists, links, etc. on the json file. And if you want to add some advanced HTML you can add conditionals in the score html page directly and show some divs with the content you want regarding the winning personality. It’s easy to do that, I can help with this. And for basic HTML is not necessary to edit the score page, just adding the html instead the basic text.

Fantastic product, thanks you.

I can see that ‘conditional paths’ is a feature coming soon. Will this work with the personality quiz format and do you have an estimate of when this feature might be ready?

Thanks! Sorry, for personal reasons the development of new features is stalled.

Is it possible to adjust the code to save on amazon DynamoDB?

Hi. There is a function to send to a database. I suppose you can change the code to adapt it to amazon DynamoDB, but I don’t know about this database and I don’t be sure about it.

So I seem to have some issues with this.

a) no data is being saved – no tables are being created. All the database info on sendPHP and showPHP is correct, and the table is listed in the config file.

b) no forms show to collect data at the end, regardless of settings.

c) refreshing the final page after taking personality quiz always defaults back to first personality listed.

I’m hoping I’m just missing a setting or two, but I’ve spent a few hours searching with no luck.

I’m sorry, I have no idea what’s going on. It does not make sense that it works and then it stops working, unless you have changed something or there is a failure on the server.

I got it! The problem is the single quote ’ in some choices. Try to change ’ by & #39; (without spaces) , for example instead of Oldies 50/60’s write Oldies 50/60 & #39; s (without blanks spaces)

That was it! Thank you sooooo much! This code is fantastic! Your support is by far the best I have ever experienced on Codecanyon.

Hola, Excelente desarrollo el que realizaste con QQuiz :) Si me premites, tengo un par de preguntas anteriores a mi compra:

>>> 1) Tengo un servicio de web hosting contratado, de qué manera puedo instlar tu desarrollo?? Sólo descomprimo el zip en una carptea vacía o cómo? No he podido encontrar la documentación acerca de la instalación… (o no la entendí bien.. )

>>> 2) Existe la posibilidad de “randomizar” las preguntas? Lanzarlas al azar?

Saludos y mil gracias!!


1) La carpeta de la aplicación es sólo HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSON… es HTML normal, no necesita ninguna instalación. Sólo tendrás que subir las carpetas como en cualquier página web básica (no funciona con gestores de contenidos como WordPress, es sólo HTML). Con el configurador (que está en mi servidor) crearás los archivos JSON necesarios, los incluirás en tus carpetas y ya funcionará la aplicación sin problemas y sin instalaciones. Si quieres grabar las respuestas en un servidor, entonces en ese caso necesitarás que tu servidor tenga PHP y MySQL, pero tampoco tienes que hacer ninguna instalación especial.

2) No existe esa posibilidad, el orden de las preguntas será el que esté en tu JSON. Lo que si se puede randomizar es el orden de las opciones de respuesta.


Mil gracias!! Ya realicé mi compra :)


Buen día. Me preguntaba cómo sería posible aumentar el tiempo del quiz a 4hrs? >>> He colocado “14400” (sin las comillas) en el timer para q me arroje 4 hrs, pero lo maximo q me despliega es 1 hr…

Me puedes apoyar?? Mil gracias!!

Mil gracias! Agradecería nuevamente tu apoyo con ello. Te comparto que, efectivamente, el ejercicio que estoy diseñando incluye +150 pregntas y un lapso de 4hrs como máximo… Sin embargo, sería de mayor utilidad para el usuario, iniciar desde la priemra pregunta e ir recorriendo uana a una nuevamente para responder las que haya dejad en blanco (como estrategia didáctica es mejor ir hacia adelante, q hacia a hacia atrás, pues puede dejar más de 1 pregunta en blanco) -nuevamente mil, mi gracias!! quedo atento :)

Hola! Busca el siguiente código en js/quickquiz.js y elimina o comenta la parte del if/else:

Este es el código original:
this.fromLocalStorage = function () {
   QuizStorage.questionsData = $localStorage['savedQuiz'].questionsData;
   if (!this.quizConfig.settings.refreshBrowser) {
   } else {
Y tiene que quedar así:
this.fromLocalStorage = function () {
   QuizStorage.questionsData = $localStorage['savedQuiz'].questionsData;

Dime si esto funciona bien para tu caso.


Mil gracias!! Funciona perfectamente :) -Saludos muy cordiales!


On this way many thanks for the previous development of the Quiztool. I hope you will continues develop it …

For this development I would have a suggestion:
  • a check whether the question was answered correctly before the next question is displayed
  • For this, the “Check the response” function can be set to the “Continue” button instead of the button “Check the response” (should be enabled by means of configuration and deactivation -> if function is activated, the “Check response” button is not displayed
    • Response correct: Note window with feedback is displayed
      • OK button -> Note window closes and next question is displayed
    • Wrong response: Note window with feedback is displayed
      • OK button -> Note window closes again
  • Extend feedback for correct and incorrect answers with optional headline with own CSS element to color the header

Would be glad if you can follow the idea or suggestion.

Hi! There is an option to show feedback for each question, maybe it works for you:

Can it generate random questions?

Just made your Quick Quiz generate random questions..Excellent..

Great to hear that! :)


Hello, I absolutely LOVE your product!!! But I have a pre-defined quiz with about 30 questions, answers and scoring logic in an excel spreadsheet. Is there ANY way that I could upload data from a spreadsheet? (fingers are crossed here!) Thank you

Hi! Thanks :) Sorry, you can’t upload data from a spreadsheet. But if your questions have a similar format I recommend the following: create a single question in the builder, then use the “copy question” option and create 29 copies of the first question. Download the json and then modify it manually by changing the statement, choices, points, etc. I think it’s the fastest way to do it.

Hi, I loved your work. I need a feature I was not able to find, want to check with you if it is possible to get.

I am planning a Personality Quizz, just like you have. My issue is with result´s page. I need to have displayed not only the winner personality, but:

(1) the winner personality scored – how many points it had – how many types it has been choosen, that would mean how strong it is – say, total points for quizz is 100, winner personality got 45 points.

(2) also the other personality (not the winners) – also scored.

So you can see your winner type and also how it relates to other types, where are your most important traits, not only a single answer.

I figured out also situation that would help me:

user answers to (some) quizzes scored as % results, in sequence (say Quiz 1, Quiz 2 and Quiz 3). After finishing each quiz, its results is not displayed imediatly. After the last quiz, there is a results page that agreggates the scores for all the quizzes.

Is there a way to get that?

Thanks in advance,

Hi its me again.

I looked at your docs and found that weighted matrix is excelent for me, I have been using this model both with a joomla extension or js script.

What I am looking for is a way to have a multiple features assessment – like personality, that has multiple traits.

Would be possible to have user to answer, say, four weighted matrix in sequence, and get all results displayed in a final results page (each with your own paragraph and content)

This way user could have a broader and integrated view of his assessment.

Thanks a lot,

Hi! It is not a feature, but there is a way to achieve that. I’ve send you an email explaining it.

Will this work on a shopify store? It does not allow PHP, as well does it need a database if you don’t want to save data?

Hi. If you don’t want to save data you don’t need php. But this app is build wth AngularJS, and seems that is not easy to run it in shopify.

Hola, felicidades por el Quickquiz, yo tengo una duda, puedo remplazar una imagen por un iframe o un include php? la intención es que me gustaría enriquecer con animaciones html5, pero no se si es posible o debo usar otro tag en vez de “asideImage” para insertarlo. Mil Gracias.

Hola! La forma más sencilla es que hagas una pequeña edición en el archivo templates/quiz-question.html. Añade nuevos div condicionales justo a continuación del que pone Aside Image Right. Podría quedar tal y como sigue (copio el div anterior):

<!-- Aside Image Right-->
<div layout-padding="" class="aside-image" ng-if="question.asideImage && question.imagePosition==='right'" flex-gt-sm="50" flex-sm="0" question.hideimagemobile="">
     <img ng-click="main.showImage(question.asideImage)" ng-src="{{question.asideImage}}" />

<div ng-if="question.qID==='q01'">
     Here your custom HTML if the question qID is q01

<div ng-if="question.qID==='q02'">
      Here your custom HTML if the question qID is q02, etc.

En el questions.json tendrías que añadir la propiedad qID a cada pregunta, si es que no lo tiene ya. Entonces cada div condicional sólo se mostrará si estás en la pregunta correspondiente. Dentro de esos div condicionales puedes poner el HTML que quieras.

How can i access the builder surveys, i wish to see how it works.

Hi! The access to the builder is only for users that have license. You can see the builder in this video: