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Great plugin. Just getting to grips with it and trying to make it look nice embedded on my site. I have a problem though. It is forcing the body background to be white. Even when I remove the line pattern background from quickquiz.css.

I have managed to fix the problem by removing ‘background:#fff’ from ‘import/angular-material.min.css’. Is there another way? I don’t like the idea of changing things outside of the main quickquiz.css file to avoid breaking future updates.

Sorry, I’m currently 100% focused on music projects, so I have no time to do custom works, I only give basic support.

Understandable. It’s a great plugin – I searched long and hard for a solution and this came closest. It would be great to see some more features if/when you have time in the future. All the best.

Thanks a lot. Good luck with your project!

If I have an online course where students pay for use it, and I want to add this tool to my web, does I need a regular or extended license?

Hi. I think you need an extended license:

Which license do I need for an end product that is only accessible to paying users?

If the end users need to pay to see the end product, you need an Extended License. There can be more than one end user as long as there is only one end product.

Example: A website that requires money before you can access the content

But you can ask Envato directly. It is possible that as the students pay for the course, but they don’t pay an extra fee for the quiz, it may be different. I’m not sure.

Hi, Can I make a short answer question as a multiple blank question (e.g. Fill-in-blank quiz “__ , __“) or words inline (e.g. “Apple, __ , Cranberry, __“) Thanks :)

Hi. No , sorry, the quiz does not have available those kind of questions

PreSales Question… does this have a timer so the quiz is timed and ends and grades if the time is up?

Hi. Yes, you can use a timer.

HI presage question. can I send the results to the user via email automatically? Thank you

Hi. No, sorry, you can send the results to a database, but not to the user via email.

Hello. I really liked the style of this plugin. First I thought it was a WP plugin. Then I found out it wasn’t a WP plugin, but I still thought I could use it on my WP. After a day of trying to place it on my website through FTP I couldn’t do it. Then I started to read comments on this tool on CodeCanyon and on the third page I found your comment saying that it doesn’t work on WP at all. So, can I receive my money back? Although I’m sad I can’t use it because I really like it.

Hi there. In the description of this item (which is in the javascript category, not in the wordpress category) you can read this:

QuickQuiz is a simple and powerful test and/or survey creator which resulting product can be published in an HTML page (it is NOT a WordPress plugin).

If you like this app maybe you can try some of these links (searching “angular wordpress” in google):


We really need you to return to continue updating this application. I use it for my students as do many others I know.

Hi, i bought your code, and it’s useful and well written, i have a question; is it possibile to make appear, in a personality quiz, different messages for the same result? (so personality A has 3 possible messages that can appear in a random way, and the same for personality B and C).

Thanks for your answer

Hi. I think the simplest way without modifying the code would be to create more cut-points for each personality. For example, if personality 1 is achieved with 1-5 points, divide and create more personalities: 1 point the message is “you are: personality 1” (and put a message), with 2 points: “you are: personality 1” (the same image but with a different message), and so on. It is not random but it may be useful for you. To display the messages at random would have to modify the code.

Hi, thanks for your answer and for the suggestion, but i would need a ranodm answer for the same points, so just need a modification to the code. If you have time is it possible to make a quotation for this customization (even not now, just when you have time)?

Sorry, I’m currently 100% focused on music projects, so I have no time to do custom works, I only give basic support.

Hi… I’m running your quiz via an iframe and it’s working perfectly… it’s also saving the results to my database… My problem is that I want to include some variables LIKE userid (uid) that I pass via the url for example: (this is the main page that the iframe sits in)

I want to send the url data when the sendMySQL.php is called and send the variables to the phph file…. so I can use a Get in the php file to grab the variables. How can you pass my user’s userid information (user is logged in) so it can be saved in the database?


Hi. My knowledge of PHP is very basic, I can’t help you with that. You can look in the js / quickquiz.js file and look for the section about the database.

can you explain me, licence detail of other link, I build my quiz website and all of quiz on your domain if you domain have any error so what will you do for these kind of errors. do you have any yearly payment,

Can I see any record of my users? I like your script but I stop when I see I build my quiz on other domain

Hi. The builder is on my server, but it is a client app (I don’t store any data or quizzes). The builder is just a help to create your quizzes. Then you download your generated JSON files with your configuration and your questions, and you can upload and publish your quiz on your own server.

great plugin. Do you have any tutorials how to install correctly on modx? I really want to buy but I don’t know how to install it on this CMS.

Hi. I do not know that CMS, nor know how to install this plugin. This is angular (js), html and css, I do not know if it will be difficult to install it on modx. Try to find some tutorial on how to install an angular application in modx.

Hi! Maybe it’s a stupid question but I don’t get it: can I use QuickQuiz on Squarespace?

Thank you, Simone :)

Hi. I’m not sure, I don’t know about Squarespace, I don’t know if you can use custom HTML, CSS, and JS. Ask them if you can deploy an angular application.


I have purchased with quickquiz plugin for my wordpress site. I have configured the plugin with in my theme.

We need more than one quiz test. Is it possible? How to make it?

Please explain me.

Thank you.

Hi. It is not a plugin for WordPress, and I do not know how to adapt it to work well on WordPress. Out of WordPress, you can have different quizzes if you create each quiz in a different folder.


Thank You for your support.