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This is really a great idea. What’s the template creation process look like for you? How difficult would it be to make more and upload them?

Last question would be, can this be secured for a members only type feature on a site?

Thanks for your reply, I have a great idea for this but it would require me making additional themes myself as well.

This is intended just for Envato templates. I am currently working (and almost finished) on another editor, with more features.

awesome, I look forward to it, already subscribed!

Hi, I am looking for some code which will allow a user to generate a name tag. Your editor comes as close as I’ve found. The name tag is to be fixed size. User can drag/drop upload their picture or company logo. The used can add 4 lines of text. Your Item Preview Image Editor seems to come close to this. If purchased, can I modify it to do the above?


I was pretty busy in the past months and, as someone else asked above, I couldn’t create a new item to allow for a more general editor.

Starting this week I will create a new image-editor item, which will have many more features, and it will be published before the end of this month.

If you are a developer you won’t find too hard to change this item in order to edit a different template, but I suggest you wait for the new item which will actually be made for general-purpose image editing.

Thank you for your comment.

Have a nice day!

Thank you. That sounds great. Will wait to see.

COMO VA ESE NUEVO PRODUCTO? yo estoy buscando un plugin que permita previusalizar un cupon de descuento mientras el usuario completa un cuestionario, seria posible? VA LIKE THAT NEW PRODUCT? I’m looking for a plugin that allows a coupon discount previusalizar while the user completes a questionnaire would be possible?

What do you mean by previsualizer. How the should the cupon look like?

I would sleep on one side had a form and in the right image of a smartphone in the text and the image that the user appears with a color, font, low price etc. .. a photo previewer live form … I know it’s far-fetched but seek alternatives

I would sleep on one side had a form and in the right image of a smartphone in the text and the image that the user appears with a color, font, low price etc. .. a photo previewer live form … I know it’s far-fetched but seek alternatives

Do you have any live demo, where I can check it online? If it serves my purpose, I’d like to buy.


No, no live preview yet. But I think I will take this item off CodeCanyon and make it available for free soon. So make sure to check my profile in a week or two for a link to the free item :)

I have added the live preview with 100% functionality :)

Any news on on your general purpose image editor? Would love to buy extended license.

Great, thanks I’ll buy this version now and look forward to next release from you!

.. PM me if you are looking for Beta tester :)

Sure I will, but I can not PM you through the forum, but if you want to test the item before release send me your e-mail through my contact form on our profile, or at tips4design@yahoo.com.

Also note that the new item won’t be an update to this item, but a totally new submitted item. This quickPres item was designed to only be used in creating item preview’s for envato market items.

Thank you!

Add screenshots to your presentation: <- What does this do? I see you can upload images but then what?

This one was not meant to be used for other kind of templates except envato presentations, thus no API documentation and no template editor. I will post a reply here as soon as the new editor is out :). Thank you!

ok thanks – I’m making that happen… Other templates made, outputs PNG and PDF and saves the information under the member name in a data table via PDO. ;)

Yeah, this is the good part with using canvas. Once you have the image in canvas you can use the dataURL to save it in any format you want (download it, save it on server, etc…).

Hello, I need find script like this, but need move the canvas, white bg, this script have update or can modify the functions?



No, this script is intented for presentation images only, and there is no template editor (but you can easily create a template with a few lines of code, specifying the positions of the inputs).

As I said I previous comments I am working on a new, improved editor that will be multi-purpose, but it might be a while (a few months) until it comes out.

Thank you!

I wait the new version and new editor for check. This is perfect with the templates. But need add logo or image to template. And maybe the new version can. Or maybe I can modify this for add logo or image for create picture.

Thanks and regards from Costa Rica

Hello. is a great script, but after I put in my website, my server sent me a message saying that I was exceeding the CPU limit. Can be connected with this script? Thank you.

Hello, thanks for the reply, where are stored the images? is an excellent script.


Sorry for my previous reply, I tought it was for my other script, userTrack. :)

The CPU limit can not be exceeded by using this script, as it uses 0% server processing. Everything is done on the client ( browser ) using HTML5. For now the images are not saved on the server, but you have a download button to get them.

Thank you!

Thanks, so the problem is not this, it’s a great script, I gave 5 stars.

How is the development of your new plugin? Im willing to edit your current one. But I’m really looking for a premium version of this that can handle admin templates. If its not coming anytime soon. ill take my chances at customizing this version. at which point I’m sure some documentation would help a lot.


At the moment I am working on an update for my userTrack script. So, I will start working on thins in about 2 weeks, what features do you need it to have? What do you mean by admin templates?

The new image/template editor got delayed, I was planning on creating it a few months ago but still didn’t start implementing it as I am not sure what features are actually needed.


Hi, I really like this app that you built. Thank you. I have a question, the canvas size i see the white space like on a computer, I enlarged it and took out the background just by tweaking the template like you specified. I am trying to line up drawing images like a floor plan or architect widows and doors. I am a salesperson for windows and door making a quote for my customer.

I would like to know about auto cropping as the canvas is bigger than the images, if the image size is 200×200, i would like the finished work to be trimmed to that size vs the 595×300, but changing the supporting files also changes the designer view.

Also, when i add a 2nd image to the drop files with the same file name, it will display in gray in the canvas but not export. Is there a way to make that happen, and if there is an additional cost, could you let me know how much it will be.

Thank you.


First of all this item was built specifically for creating preview images for items on Envato marketplaces (thus the size 595×300).

I do not do customizations for this item, so I can not really implement any features specific for your needs.

For auto-cropping you probably had to add one or two lines of code that execute before the saving process. So, you can change the saveCanvas() function inside quickPress.js and instead of using the default canvas you can copy only a part of it (eg: 200×200 pixels) to another canvas and download that one instead. Here are some SO answers that could be helpful:


This one explains how you can create an off-screen canvas (one that you use but don’t actually display on screen): http://devbutze.blogspot.ro/2014/02/html5-canvas-offscreen-rendering.html

To be honest, because of the low interest in this item (it’s earning me less then $0.70/month) I was planning on removing it and stop supporting it.

Hope this answer helps!


Hi Cristy, Let me encourage you that you are a good programmer, I definitely benefited from your work. Perhaps, I could send you want little changes I made to your css files etc. and you could repackage it as a image canvas, there isn’t anything out there that does this. Keep plugging away, I am glad I got a copy before you pulled the plug. Thank you for the quick reply. :-) -Robert