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If it was responsive, it would be an insta-buy!

Otherwise, nice looking plugin! :)

Just set max-width:100% for the targeted container and it will be responsive. You can also remove the height and width style properties for the images and they will scale. Thanks, -Nolan

great idea. will you make wp version? wish description auto fill. you said unlimited images, does it have lazyload or load more. am bookmarking it. this is hot.

I do plan for a Wordpress version with lazyload. The jquery version does not have lazyload but could easily be integrated in the plugin. Thanks, -Nolan

Hello, nice plugin. :)

A question: Is pinterest required or only for the pin function? Can I change the width?

Thank you! ;)

You can easily remove the pinterest buttons and yes you can change the width. Thanks, -Nolan

i can see it stretching some of the images height, is this changeable? its distorting the images slightly…would buy if this is changeable

The plugin does not stretch the images, you have control over the size. I have stretched them just to show how you can have different sizes for the example. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, I just purchased this today. It didn’t work :( I had followed the instruction to install it, but didn’t seem to get the result. Can you please pm me…? (don’t know where to contact)

Send an email to and I will help you. Thanks, -Nolan

Would be nice if it supported YouTube videos, description is a bit unclear on that.

The words “Image Gallery” in the description makes it clear. This is not a video gallery plugin. Sorry. Thanks, -Nolan

Hey! I am extremely interested in buying this - Is it compatible with Wordpress?

It is not a Wordpress plugin but I have seen it integrated into Wordpress page by another customer, having said that I cannot give support for a Wordpress integration. Thanks, -Nolan

Just purchased the gallery! Really cool. How do I link the flipcard to a PDF file instead of opening the large image?

Use the wrapping <a> tag to target to your pdf and get rid of it’s fancybox class. Example: <div class=”quickpinwrap”><a href=”” style=”position:relative;”><img class=”quickpin” src=”” pinurl=”” alt=”Here is a description” width=”500” height=”300” /></a><div class=”quickpin-description”><h5>Tenzo</h5><p style=”font-size:9px;margin-top:-30px;”>This is a description element for this image.</p></div></div> Hope this helps, -Nolan