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Any way to edit notes after adding them?

just copy the note and then paste it again then delete the previous note, that’s the easiest way.

Anyway to store the notes into sql incase of browser’s cookies removal?

Also please take note that even the browser cookies, cache, are removed, localStorage will not be wiped out. Unless you call localStorage.clear() in js.

can’t add userid too ? next to note id and note, to attach it to each user? and how do i load the data back from sql if he removed the storage.. etc

Hello. adding and retrieving from sql is up to the user and how the user want the data return from callbacks is also up to the user. Because, that is not the goal of the plugin. Maybe i’ll think about it on next update. id and note is the data return by the callbacks I mentioned but its up to you how you will handle it. I hope you understand my point. Thanks again.

<<< Very Nice :)

thanks :)

hi, this work in android?

Hello, you mean mobile sites? yes. But if you are asking on actually installing it on android, no.

Any way to make the notes available to all users of the page?

I haven’t tried that. :) I think it will not do the job since its based on localStorage of the browser.

Good script, but it’s too bad, notes is only for you and note for all users of the page :-( .. A need a script for my work who share notes with all and allow modifications for all users.

I’m sorry for my late response. Yes it was only designed for 1 user only. Please contact me if you need a better script. I’m available. Thanks for purchasing.


Great work, nice colors!