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Would buy right now if it had a vector export option. Especially as you reference print promotions in your description — good print promos should use vector QR images.

The PHP uses Google’s API to call for and create the QR Codes. It allows you to set the width and height of all the QR Codes you create. I have opted for a standard 500px by 500px.

You could have 50px by 50px, or 5000px by 5000px.

Send me a personal message and hopefully we’ll be able to find out why it’s not working for you. It seems like you have done something wrong during the installation.

I hope you do well with this. I wrote a similar app in 2006 which a few businesses actually used. But the problem I had was that many people didn’t seem to get that it is trapping the code snap and the REDIRECT that matters for analysis and campaign management etc. For 75 ideas on how to use QR codes for real stuff using an app like this see

design scrambled when using IE9 .

CSS can be removed and all forms and processes will continue to work as normal. The original project needed to look as nice as possible and that’s not really possible with some versions of IE with the CSS techniques used.

Hello! Great script!

Some tips:

You should make some filter for input data, beacuse typing < scrpt>alert(‘hello world’)</scrpt> (without *) in QR-box creates some wiered links. Or type in ””/><MARQUEE>” and see what happends.

I understand this, but the input is for the name of the QR Code and I really can’t see anyone entering what you have suggested above. However, I appreciate your enthusiasm towards ‘QuickLinks’.

Have you purchased the item, or just come across this in the live preview?

Hi there, just tested your demo – NICE .

Can the URL be changed to short URL and would you tell me how to do it?

Let me know and I purchase your QuickLinks.

Thank you

Yes I am aware of the contrast but it would be nice to have transparent QR Codes anyway. There is more to contrast than just white as a background…

Google API is now installed. Update will be made later today.

Great thank you!

Hey Joe! Awesome job on quicklinks! I have two suggestions, one of which may not be popular amongst most. First, the ability to use your own domain as the redirect served. Instead of using, i’d like to use Other question would be a list of all the current QR codes instead of having to remember the names of ones you set up prior. A good example of this would be the way redirection plugin for wordpress does it. See Here. Ultimately I’d like to be able to keep track of how many times each QR is scanned, and by hosting it on my own website, it should be trackable.

That being said, would you be able to edit the script some for me to work for what I need? Please send me a PM or email and let me know as I’m in dire need of a solution fast! Thanks Joe!

I seemed to have missed this comment! This is possible, I’ll be in touch in the new year if you like? Did you find a solution?

Hey Joe! I’d still like to work with you more on this project. Please let me know if you have some time and interest in helping create this. I’ll send you a private message in case you can’t send one directly to me first :) Hope you had a great New Years!

Yikes! Late reply here but I understand what you are looking for and would be able to build something bespoke if you’re still interested? Thanks, Joe.

Nice script! Is the information stored in MySQL? Will you be implementing stats?

Thanks. It’s not stored in MySQL, it’s file-based.

This is something I’m looking into, I’m always looking to improve QuickLinks so be sure to check back for regular updates.

Where would i edit to add copyright and banner ads below the qr options?

Nevermind, I got that. It was just delayed in showing up. All the QR’s made are getting a 404 error on my server. The QR folder is writable. Any ideas?

have you though about using professional barcode generator for C# to made qr code. maybe we won’t get 404 eror.