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QuickAccess Menu

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QuickAccess MENU

  • Simplicity

    The product is easily customizable, easy to integrate and provides quick access to your site. The code is flexible for the product to be fully responsive. The minimal design was created to fit harmoniously with your site.

  • Flexibility

    The final product that we propose is customizable. You can set the position this menu will take in your site (top, left, bottom, right), you can set the width, distance between menu buttons, button’s border radius, you can choose the colors and the appropriate icon based on the function of each button.

  • Usability

    Designed to provide fast access to your site, this product fits well modern sites that have information presented on the same page with inner links, or sites with predominant horizontal navigation.


  • The goal of this product is to increase the efficient access to your site.
  • Product placement is in the most visible areas of the page and the fixed position while scrolling the page will provide your users a constant access to your site-s navigation.
  • Within minutes you can get a menu ready to make your site a more accessible, easier and more enjoyable journey.
  • We are aware that your needs are different, so the product is designed to be easily customized to adjust to any type of site.
  • The final product will be custom, easy to use and easy to integrate.

Menu styles are CSS-driven
jQuery enhanced
Full JavaScript API interaction
Degrades gracefully when JavaScript is not present

Thanks: jQuery color plugin

We offer support via the quickAccess forum in Codecanyon or directly via email on the getFresh author page.