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Interesting plugin :) If I use 4-5 plugins for my posts, are you sure that my page will look exactly as they look without your plugin?

Thanks for your comment, so i think if they can use only my plugin instead use 4-5 plugins, it’s will better, help optimize speed site ;), why you need install 4-5 plugin while you can just need install my plugin :p

Hello, no I mean that my posts are made with many plugins for tables, photo album, tooltips, social buttons etc.. so i want to know if all my content will appear or not. Also, if I click a social buttons, will I get the right link?

I have test and it’s work, if it doesn’t work in your site, i will check and fix for you, always ready to support you, no worries :)

I tried your demo (using the latest versions of FireFox and Chrome). When I open one of your quick view posts there is no option to exit your popup interface. Your screen captures show a close “X” icon but this does not exist on your demo page. Perhaps it’s being hidden behind your top menubar?

Do you provide any controls for the opening animation effect?

Hi, thanks for you reply, i just check my demo page and i see it’s work fine, not sure now why it’s doesn’t work in your browser, i’m working for new feature allow user can choose effect they want. Thanks again!

I have the same issue than nopez4you when we click a photo, there’s no X to close the picture ;)

Hmm…it’s strange, i have test on all browser and do not see it, may be if you installed in your site, i will direct support that for you ;)

oh i just fix close button, you can check again.

Hi … looks like a great plugin :)

Does it have swipe functionality for touch devices? Does it take the full body tag of the post?

Many thanks in advance

Hi, you can use this for any device, it’s support responsive, using nicescroll and can use in any device. Also it’s will display full content of your post.

looks great, but why don’t you make a simple left/right slide when we navigate from post to post on the modal ? the actual effect is kind of annoying when repeated several times…

yes, you right, should be keep all simple, thanks, i will make it in my update version:) If you want this item, you can purchase and then i can support you direct in your website, first purchase will be really greate :P

does this plugin automatically append it’s self to posts or do I have to build a grid within a page? I am using an ajax based theme and many plugins have to be customized to work with it correctly.

So sorry because there is just little plugin and have no test version, but i can sure always support for customer buyed my plugin :) , always support any time.

can you offer a refund if you cant make it work

Yes, will do that

I like the functionality of this plugin. Is there a way to set it up so that no matter what part of the post you click on, it always takes you to the quick view for that post and never the single post page? I would like to create a one page website where all the post information can be displayed without ever leaving the homepage. Thanks!

This plugin allow you view post without redirect to single post, you can install and if have problem i will support you on time.

Installed the plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work with UberGrid. Still takes me to a new page with the post. I’d like a refund if it won’t work with my setup. Thanks.

Maybe plugin was conflict with jquery or some plugin installed in your site, and will better if i can chek direct in your site. Can we ?

I’d rather not give out my login credentials in a public forum. Do you have a support email address I can use to start a private correspondence?